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I saw my bill last week and it was $81.00 I check the internet too see how much I gotta pay. It stated 81.00.

This week I check my bill and it is 163.00 !! I freak out I call the rep he stated that I owe a $65 from may!! I said wha!! I did not see where I was behind from may.

I advised him I just got a call from Direct representive stating that Their will be and increase ion my bill !!I told her unless Iam in a time worp it not three years I went off and told her you guys are a bunch if lairs!! Something gotta be done about dish network commercial stated that they rate will not go up in three years THEY Lied. Plus u can only recorded one show at a time!! And the hooper is $400 for the old customers new customer get it free and of the old customer want it u gotta have the whole $400 what type of *** is that.

I will never renew my contract with dish network, will be going back to DirectTV if gonna a rip off at lease I can record more than 1 show. 😠

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Your post caught my attention and I would love to have a look to get it cleared up for you! I understand your concern with the differences in your monthly bills and if you would be so kind as to email me your account number, it would be my pleasure to review it and see what I can do. My email address is and I appreciate your cooperation in getting this handled!

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