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Last night I received an Email stating thanking me for making a payment to dish network. I thought it was strange since I did not authorize a payment so I logon onto Dish network website and verify that I was not enroll in auto pay.

I called today to find who authorize the payment; the CSR insisted that someone in my household must have done the payment. I explained that no one knows my password, and then the CSR said that someone must have seen me type the password. I told the CSR rep that I only logon once a month to make a payment and it is either from my home laptop or work laptop. Now the CSR claims that someone must have stolen my password. This is ridiculous, I never write my passwords and my laptops are spyware/ virus clean (I work for IT for 15 years). I had enough after about 40 minutes, I said fine the money I owe anyway but I want my credit card remove from file, the CSR rep said he can't do that so I said the cancel my online account, CSR said he can't do that either. The CSR said I can make a payment with another card; the card will replace the old card number on file, I find this ridiculous. Luckily I had some old gift cards with a few dollars on it, made a payment for 1.00 now they have a useless card on file. The rep transferred me to special solutions division or something like that. I hung up after being on hold for 30 minutes.

I can understand that strange things can happen, maybe Dish network system decided to auto pay by mistake, who knows but dish network should give users the option of not storing the credit card info when making an online payment like every other merchant does.

I am seriously considering canceling my dish, luckily I am not under contract.

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Dish will keep your credit card and charge you when you cancel your service they will not allow you to get out of your contract they will charge you if you send back your equipment withou your consent and claim they have the right under the tweeters of your contracr

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Well when that do that just change your card get another one. The something happened to me with DirecTV I changed my card.

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Same thing happen to me exact problem every time i call and complaint about this issue with them with the whole credit card on file being charged with out authorization Dish Network says in not possible the basically tell me im lying. Im contacting my local state attorney office and im filling a formal complaint agains the company Dish Network for fraud charges and also looking into contacting a attorney. I looked up this issue and is happening to a lot of people also. below is a description of my issue. No one at Dish Network seems to care or recognize that there is a problem with there online system and they are being irresponsible in handling this situation. I've had my account with them for over 2 years but at this point i think is time to part ways. I cant believe that a company this big fails to listen to there customers when we are trying to give feed back on a very serious issue at hand. I hope that someone at Dish Network takes action on this issue before they get hit with a huge law suit.

So i received an email from dish network this morning at 8:50am advising me that my user online account has been updated and shortly after that another email thanking me for my online payment, funny thing is i never went online and change the user info or made the payment online. I called dish network customer service and the rep was so rude i then asked to speak to a manager i try to explain that i did not authorize this charge or made any changes on the online account and the manager told me thats not possible and hung up on me. I called my bank to file a fraud dispute and they quickly file the claim for me and its pending now. i called Dish Network back and got a rep in the royalty department by the name of Jack i explained what happen plus advised him that this issue has happen a few times with another credit card that belongs to my mom where it was on file they charged with no one fiscally going online or calling in. i told him that i called them the week before to cancel the online account so this would not happen but he said that the online account was not canceled and was still active. So apparently the rep i spoke to the week before lied and never canceled the account. The rep jack then stated he canceled the online account so no credit cards would be charged and said he file a fraud charge so they can see who had access to the account and file a trace to see what manager hung up op on me cause that same manager never noted the account that he even spoke to me. I advised the rep in the royalty department for dish network jack that i will be contacting my local state attorneys office to file a formal complaint against dish network for fraud charges on my account. Its funny how the slogan for Dish Network when you call in is to provide world class customer service but they are lacking in this area BIG Time.


Nancy Pagan/Dave Cuevas

If anyone at dish network reads this and wishes to contact me i can be contacted at the following email.


I hate it that they store your credit card and not giving you an option to remove it. I'm trying to have the number removed.

If not, I will cancel my account. I don't have a contract either.


Zeppelin4, my name is Tommy Faust with DISH Network's Executive Offices. I am sorry for the trouble you had with the card being auto drafted.

There are only a few situations when a card is auto drafted, and we do keep the last card used on file. Replacing it with one of your gift cards was a good choice.

I would need to check the account to get more information on what happened, but I would definitely be glad to assist you with that.

You can reach me by sending an email to should you like any further assistance!

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