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In September I made the worst mistake of my adult life. I called Dish network instead of moving my DTV service.

I was baited in by their $49.99 190 channel price lock, on October 3rd the installer came, got me going. The very next day my tv went out, it only lasted around 30 minutes, but all week it was in an out. October 10th non customer service department and told them about issue, lady said we can have someone out there in 7-10 days, I said ok can I get credited for days I am not getting service, lady said in rude tone no it is in your contract we are not responsible for service outage due to weather, I laughed and said lady it's been 68 and sunny all week, she said we don't do refunds. I said man I wish I stuck with DTV, her come back was if you don't like our service cancel, I said I'd love to cancel do I get out of early termination fee of $480.00, I said I'd call my lawyer before giving you not so nice people (in a not so nice way) 1 more dollar, she hung up.

A moment later I get an e-mail that I cancelled my service I called talked to 5 different people, they were trying to charge me a reactivation fee, I refused to pay it. Long story short they gave me a customer restarting package took away my new customer discount, redzone for 1 year, and premium channels for 3 months all left, paid 103 and some change plus 50 for activation fee for 3 weeks of service. After tons of complaints on boards a Shelly calls me, tells me how sorry she is that is not the way they do business, and I was right and will have my 34 bucks and some change as a credit for overpayment and all new customer discounts back, I thanked her for listening. Well today I logged in my account, and saw I only had a 2.94 credit, so went to Dishnetwork's chat lady said nope you have to pay 84 bucks and some change for the 190 package, I went biolistic called again, a super rude lady said what do you want, I said what I was promised, well I guess i'll give you it for 61.99 plus taxes and fees its close to what you were promised!

What this is a disgrace, so I was getting nowhere like every other person I talked to from Dish, so later in evening I googled Dish Cooperate contacts, wow I found it, maybe i'll finally get some where. NOPE he said he's letting me have my 34.

some change back that I overpaid to be nice, and if I did not want to lose promotion I shouldn't have been rude to 1st lady I talked to, and should be happy they gave me a half way promotion like I had in the beginning, OMG that is a lot like saying the customer is always wrong! stay clear from these people.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $576.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Terrible customer service, Bait n switch.

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You called in, threatening to cancel, and they honored your wish. Honestly, you should be happy with what they gave you, since it was your bluff and attitude that got you cancelled, and in violation of your contract.

You can call your lawyer, but you can't sue them. You agreed to arbitration, and to pay the cost of arbitration with no recollection. Knowing what was in your contract before you started may have been a smarter move, then attacking a CSR and thinking the world would be given to you. As far as the time without service credit, also covered in your contract, you agree that any credits given will be a courtesy, and not a requirement.

Courtesy being key there. Stop feeling so entitled and you might fair better in future endeavors.

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