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I recently went online to see what the latest Dishnetwork programming offers there were. I had Dish a few years ago, and had a few questions before signing on again with them.

I patiently waited online til a rep. was available. My first question to him, was would I be eligible for the pricing on current offers. He checked it out and said yes I was.

We then discussed what level I might like. I asked him, if Dish still supplied an external antenna for pulling in my local channels. I had that antenna supplied and installed by Dish on my previous satellite. He said yes they did.

I again asked if that would be part of the installation, as it was important to me to have the locals from my area, as the locals that are provided on the Dish are not truly "local" for me, and the weather and news provided on those channels are of no interest to me. He again said they would install the external antenna when the satellite was installed..

Long story short. External antenna was not installed, was told they dont provide them. I called Dish, they put through several levels of reps, who told me they don't provide external antennas.

I asked then, after 40 + mins. to be transferred to cancellation dept. Once connected they told me it would cost ME $17.50 a mo. for 24 mo.

to cancel. I was totally frustated. I asked to speak to supervisor. I again asked to be canceled from Dish, since they did not follow through with what I was told by their rep.

He told me they do not supply antennas, any antenna I wanted to purchase would work through their receiver,and offered a $20. credit. After being jerked around for almost an hour, and feeling like I had been lied to, to get a sale, with the only other option being charged $17.50 a month to get out of the contract, I relented, and said fine and hung up.

I did send them an email complaining of the whole thing, which they sent me a letter from their dispute dept. saying the problem had been resolved.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB as well. I will see what happens, if anything.

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Hi, my name is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion. We are only able to provide you certain local channels that are based on your zip code. Sometimes the geographic area that is contracted to a network may be further away for you than another city or local network provider.

With the antenna, if you are still having this issue I would love to get more account details to see what we can do for you. You can send your information to me via email at Alicia.Brink@DISHNetwork.com

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