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I notified Dish Network about 1/21/2010 to cancel - was past contract. They said they would but did not - charges have racked up to this point.

They are the rudest, most unprofessional group I have ever dealt with. They refuse to reverse charges because they "lost" all of our call in notes (customer abuse by a rep after a call, I suppose) and based on their lack of information they are leaving me stuck (they think) with the bill and charging for unreturned equipment even though we requested shipping materials in January that just now got here.

No payment to them will ever be made and they can shove it! Idiots!

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Michael Harris,

I apologize about misunderstanding with the DISH Network account. I understand how frustrating it can be when you get a letter from a collection agency for a debt that is not yours. If you want to email me directly with the information I would be happy to look into this and help get it resolved. My email address is

M Green,

I apologize about the experience you had. I would be happy to look at the account with you and go over all the options we have available. Please email me directly with the account information and time and date of when you called in to have this taken care of. My email address is

John Smith,

We understand how important it is for our customers to get proper information in an easy and understandable way. We do have several centers located within the US, however keep in mind that we are an equal opportunity employer. Some times it may be difficult to understand someone with an accent that differs from yours, whether they are located in the US or not. Because we make every effort to give you information needed if you are unable to get that it successfully over the phone you can always visit us online. If you have any other questions regarding this please feel free to email me at


First I would like to apologize that we were unable to resolve the issue at hand before we lost you as a valued customer. We would love the opportunity to regain your trust and service. I understand how frustrating it can be to have to do so much to get your issue resolved. I can assure you we strive to not only provide the lowest all digital programming but to remain the best rated in customer satisfaction as well. If you still have any concerns please let us know.


Dear M. Green,

I would suggest a well worded complaint to the BBB.

Dish complaints were handled thru the Denver, CO office. AT&T's may be handled thru a specific office as well. You can try to get it started. The company you complain about is given 30 days to reply.

When Dish replied, they stood their ground so I kept replying back that it would remain unresolved and just didn't let up. Finally, one of their reps called me and offered to split the difference but I did not accept that offer and sent the BBB that information along with further complaints and outright refusal to accept any less than 100%. Finally, they called me a settled it by completely crediting the account back to zero. Just stand your ground and don't quit - you may get results that way.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Best of luck to you.


Almost the identical experience in the same timeframe. Built a new home...well out of any contract (8+yrs customer); called to cancel...indicated they couldn't since it was part of bundled pkg.

w/ AT&T (have to cancel w/ them). Did so with AT&T then two mos. later, they're still charging (for my "convenience" they opened a standalone acct. for me when AT&T canceled the bundling, etc.).

Refused to backdate the cancellation when notified. Numerous hours wasted on telephone with them---indicated to them that I was loyal, longterm customer that could be back in the future if they took care of it appropriately; they would NEVER get any $$ (my credit is sterling) anyway;...but still got the runaround and rude "loyalty dept." representatives---no one w/in my purview will EVER be a customer again now---and it'll be a cold day in hades before they see one thin dime.


When you talk to them they sound like the are from Iran.


I just recently posted a complaint to the BBB regarding this. We'll see if anything good comes out as a result.

Go to and it will guide you to the Denver BBB who handles all dish network complaints. Thanks...

By the way, cable is better, and cheaper, phone-hispeed DSL and Extended Basic are only $90 month.


I've been a customer for almost 3 years and i received a statement from a collection agency that i owed Dish 240.00 for service to another address 7 years ago which i never had. I tried to tell them it wasn't me but they haven't listened so far.

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