I have been with Dish network for over 7 years. My Feb 08 bill indictated that they di not receive my Jan payment, no big deal, I figured it wasn't posted prior to the next bilb being sent.

But I started seeing a pop up on my tv when I turned on the satellite that said my service may be interupted if I didn't pay, I called and they told me they never got my Jan payment and that they had not as yet received my Feb payment. I gave it a couple of days an called again, they got my Feb payment but still nothing on the Jan payment. Well I waited till Mar 3rd then callled again and still no payment so I sent in the Jan amount $69.27 and yesterday I get my Mar bill with no credit listed for that second payment so I figure I'd better call, the automated recording said my current bill was only $16.29, finally I think we're going to get this straightened out but when I get a service rep on the line they say they posted 2 payments for $69.27 on Mar 11th, the exact amount of the Jan. bill.

So I say great you found the first payment and received my 2nd payment for the same amount why don't you *** the $5.00 late charge and everything will be back to normal. But Nooooo, I am informed that that is a valid charge and unless I can prove that I sent in the first payment on time that they will not remove it, I say fine I'll cancell my subscription after 7 years and go with direct TV. The 2nd "supervisior" I spoke with (Brandon) says, "Do what you want but we are not removing that "valid" late charge". Can you believe it?

He told me that I must of sent both of those payments at the same time, that's why they are both posted on the 11th of Mar. Like a I got nothing better to do than to mess with my satellite company. I point out that I have a 7 year history of paying my monthly bill and "Brandon" informs me that that proves nothing. That I have to somehow come up with proof that I sent in the Jan payment when I said I did.

All over $5.00, which is the pricipal of the thing with me, but to them it's nothing.

I'm in shock.

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