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Dish Network says they have a package for its Top-120 for 29.99/month and you get 3 months HBO & Showtime for free. But they don't tell you all the extra charges you will have to pay and that you will have to enroll in auto pay to get the HBO Showtime package.

They charge you a processing fee of 49.99 to check your credit. So if you don't want autopay don't call Dish Network.

I called them several times to ask them about the detailed charges and they didn't tell me about the extra charges until they had almost finish with my order today 29 Dec. 2010 @ 12.11PM. That is really what pissed me off, cause they spent all the time getting my info such as SSN & credit card #.

Then they spring it on you, $49.99 for the processing fee and no HBO and Showtime without autopay.

This is not the way to do business.

The company obviously is not and ethical company and they don't care how they treat people. I guess they think we are sub standard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

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We would love to add you as part of the DISH family. We know you will enjoy it! I would be more then happy to go over everything with you in details. Please email me so I can provide you all the information. The 29.99 is going to be the cost with the new customer agreement. If you add things like more then two TV's, HD, DVR, service plan the monthly cost is subject to increase. This is the information I can give you in more detail once I receive your email. Thank you for your interest in DISH Network.


Hello, I am interested in buying the 29.99 a month for 120 channels package but I'm worried about any hidden costs. Somebody help? :?



As of 02/01, the price of all American and Latin basic package price has increased by $5.00. The programming we provide is owned by other companies, and our prices are based on what we must pay those companies. Though costs can change when contracts are renegotiated, we work hard to keep them as low as possible. We continue to offer the lowest everyday price in the pay-TV industry, saving our customers money every month as compared to our competitors! Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Alicia Brink

Executive Offices of Dish Network

Office Hours: Sunday-Thurs 6:00am-2:00pm

Phone Number: 720-514-8617

Fax Number: 303-723-2063



Has anyone else's Top 120+ Package gone up in Price? Was $ 44.99 and now in Februray Statement it has gone up to $ 49.99.

Please respond to

Thanks, Harry


I've just set up a website for those of us who are having issues with Dish Network go to You will be prompted to register, there is no fee, after that you can post you comments to the site. I will do my best to make sure Dish Network sees them all.


Hello, this is Becki with Dish Network customer service. I ran across your post, and I am sorry for your frustratins.

The $29.99 is for programming only, and does not include receiver costs, etc. The HBO/SHOWTIME does require autopay, but after the 3 months are over, you can cancel the autopay if you choose. The $49.99 is a charge that an authorized retailer charges.

You can call our sales department directly at 18887326402. You can also find us on Twitter or directly email me at if you have any other questions!!

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