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I am a subscriber to DishNetwork for about two years. I called them (Sunday, March 6th) to upgrade my system to allow TV Everywhere.

I spoke to a rep that told me "no problem" but had to check my current system. He noticed that I had 2 standard definition receivers in addition to the 2 HD receivers. One of the standard def receivers I bought for full price at Radio Shack. The other 3 are leased from Dish.

The rep told me that before they can upgrade my system for TV Everywhere, I needed to replace all standard def receivers with HD receivers, which according to him, was the only way to get TV Everywhere. He then told me that after the receivers are swapped out, that I need to call back to set up the TV Everywhere which involves getting a Sling Adapter. I authorized the swap out in order to receive the services that I wanted. The next day (Monday, March 7th) they swapped out the SD receivers for 2 new HD receivers.

In addition, with out my knowledge, they removed my satellite dish and replaced it with another bolted to the top of my roof through the shingles. Wednesday, March 9th, I called back to get my Sling Adapter installed as instructed by the rep from DishNetwork. They told me I can no longer add the Sling Adapter because I have already used an upgrade by getting the HD receivers. They also told me that the first rep was wrong in saying that I needed all HD receivers.

And even though I was misinformed, they said at this point there is nothing they can do. Then they would pass me over to other reps that said they would look into it and call me back. I've called them back several times now with no definite answer on what they were going to do. I waited a couple of more weeks for a response and decided to call them back myself again on Sunday, April 25th.

They outright told me that they are not going to do anything for me. Outraged, I told them that I want my old system back with the ability to use my purchased SD receiver instead of leasing one of theirs, and they said it is impossible. They said there is absolutely nothing that they can or will do for me.

I was swindled out of using my own equipment and getting the system that I wanted. Now I have holes in my roof for a satellite dish that I didn't want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I understand how it may seem that customers must go through a bad experience before getting it resolved. Where what rfritty had to endure before his issue was corrected, is not a standard course of action, we greatly appreciate your concern and attention with our customer service. We use all feedback that we get to build from and apply it to ensure our customers are getting the service they deserve. We would like to take this opportunity to ensure you that we make every effort to resolve any issue at hand. We take pride in being a top rated company for customer satisfaction. If you have a question please feel free to contact me directly.


Wow. I suppose my next plan of action will have to be the same that you had to go through. It mostly ashame that as good consumers it requires extreme actions to get what would be considered standard customer service by most companies.


Dish Network was here today and fixed all of the issues at hand. For my troubles, they installed a new receiver and Sling adapter and everything works great!

I am now a very satisfied customer of Dish Network.

Thank you.


After submitting my complaint to several websites (about 6 including this one) and to the BBB, FTC, FCC, and my local TV station, they have finally decided to make this issue right.

It is unbelievable that I had to go through all this hassle for the past month for something that should have been taken care of immediately.

They are going to send me a new receiver and the Sling adapter that works with it.

Unfortunately, they are going to charge me for shipping the new stuff here and shipping the old ones back (something that would have been free to begin with).

Not completely satisfied but will finally get what I wanted to begin with.


Hi Rfritty, sorry to hear of the inconvience when trying upgrade to get TV Everywhere. A Sling Adapter can be added to a 722 or 722k receiver and can be purchased through DISH Network for $99. If there was an issue with the model of receiver that was installed I would be happy to assist you in getting the proper receiver so you can enjoy TV Everywhere. Please feel free to e-mail me at Please include your account number in the e-mail.

Nick Franta

DISH Network

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