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A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my programming to High Definition. After 7 years of subscribing to Dishnetwork's "America's Everything Package" I thought I'd give HD a chance.

The technitian showed up a week later. I had specifically asked a certain time frame so that I could get off from work and be there. The tech ... did not show at the indicated time (not even close). He proceeded to replace my old dish. He appeared to be drunk and did not have the proper tools. He even had to borrow my ladder in order to reach the dish. I was unable to communicate with him properly since his speech was very slurred. He finally complained that he did not have the required HDMI cables and I had to go an buy them myself. I called tech support to report the issues he was having and finally had to ask him to leave my home.

I called Dishnetwork and asked to cancel my account. I was transfered to a supervisor who apologized and offered an upgrade to a better receiver. Which apparently was not offered to me the first time I placed the order.

We agreed on a new delivery date and time. The new date came and the technitian was a no-show. I waited for them all day. The person finally arrived after 5 PM. He immediately announced that he did not have a ladder to do the job. I was unable to help him since the previous guy actually took my ladder with him. So he told me he was going to call be back and bring another ladder himself. I waited and waited ... after being cooked up at home waiting for these guys the whole day I left for a quick workout at the gym (at 7 PM).

The next day I did not hear anything from Dish ... so I called tech support and apparently the tech had come by around 7:30 PM that evening. He left since I was not there ... dish support told me that I had to re-schedule. Now it will be another week (maybe) before they can send someone.

Does this have to be so difficult? I am going to cancel my account this time. These people are ridiculous. They cannot even get their contractors to carry a ladder or carry the appropriate needed HDMI cables for a HD installation. I wonder what other problems they may have actually setting the connections inside the home.

My advise to anyone ... don't do business with Dishnetwork. I am going to cancel my account today.

Jose Chirino.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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Jose Chirino,

First I would like to apologize that we were unable to resolve the issue at hand before we lost you as a valued customer. We would love the opportunity to regain your trust and service. Our technicians are required to meet certain standards to perform an installation. Since we have a 60 day warranty on the installation and we will send a technician back out to correct any signal issues, may not perform an install due to poor quality. When an installer comes out to install and you feel that it is not satisfactory you can advise the technician of your concerns and request a second opinion. If you would like me to look at the account for options or if you have any additional questions feel free to email me.


This was not a problem with a particular technitian but an issue with Dish Network's policy and attitude against a long time loyal customer like me. If you look at your records you will see that I was a very profitable customer subscribing to a higher Tier of programming.

Now another provider is enjoying that revenue ... plus all my friends from my networks know about my troubles with Dish Network.



I apologize about the bad experience you had with all the reschedules. Generally when a customer is rescheduled it is handled differently than what happened.

I really appreciate all the patience you had with letting us try to resolve this for you. We would love to keep valued customers like you so we do try to make every effect to successfully install you with your upgrade request. I can assure you we make every effort to provide service to you. If you.

I can assure you that even though you had such a tremendous experience with our technician that we do value you and would love the opportunity to correct this for you and regain your trust.

We have a specific process that you can file a claim for technician behavior. If you would like to file a claim with us please send me your account number, name and a good form of contact to me at

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