I have always had I have always had Flix and Sundance Channels (I go back 10 years with DISH) they were always part of my programming package (I also always pay a year in advance).

Now Sundance is no longer available (it is in RED). I tried talking with customer support and said I want either the channel that I have had for over ten years re-instated or one of similar nature activated as it's replacement till the end of the year. I was refused on both counts. I was told that they could discount my bill 5$ next year as compensation.

The conversational transcript is below. They insist that they are not thieving when they take a channel from you with a replacement, but theft is theft, dishonesty is what it is.

The customer service rep (Andrea) broke connection because she didn't want to be bothered any longer. You will note that NO explicatives where ever used during this exchange. I've never had issue with them in all the ten years that I have used their service till now.

Now...now I want to hang some heads from the bridle of my horse.

Your transcript is shown below.

Welcome to DISH Network Chat.Tessa (ID: DI9): Hi Cheated Dish Customer,Tessa (ID: DI9): How may I help you today?Cheated Dish Customer: From the outset of my Dishnetwork service I have always had Flix and Sundance Channels, but now since sometime late Friday evening Sundance now shows in RED and is inaccessibleTessa (ID: DI9): I'm very sorry to hear that you are having an issue. I'd be happy to resolve that for you.Tessa (ID: DI9): For security purposes, would you please verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account?Cheated Dish Customer: xxxxTessa (ID: DI9): Thank you.Tessa (ID: DI9): Sundance channel number is changed.Tessa (ID: DI9): Let me check to which channel it has been changed.Tessa (ID: DI9): You will get this channel 389.Tessa (ID: DI9): And you should add the dish platinum pacakge to get this channel.Cheated Dish Customer: 389 is what is in red. I don't wish to nor can I afford a change in programming. I just want what I originally had as my programming setupTessa (ID: DI9): I am sorry to hear that.Tessa (ID: DI9): Let me check what can be done.Tessa (ID: DI9): I will transfer you to advance department they will help you further.Tessa (ID: DI9): For security purposes, would you please verify the 4 digit PIN on the account?Cheated Dish Customer: what is that?Tessa (ID: DI9): It is 4 digit number.Cheated Dish Customer: yes, I understand that, I never heard of a PIN number before, where would I find it?Tessa (ID: DI9): Could you please verify physical address and receiver number?Tessa (ID: DI9): Receiver number starts with R00 and will be at the back of the receiver.Cheated Dish Customer: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, R##########Tessa (ID: DI9): Thank you.Tessa (ID: DI9): Please, hold while transfer.Tessa (ID: DI9) has left the session.Please wait while we find an agent from the CH69 - Loyalty department to assist you.You have been successfully transferred to Andrea (ID: NPC) with the Loyalty department.Andrea (ID: NPC): I will be handling your request today. Please give me a moment to access your account and review your conversation with the previous agents.Andrea (ID: NPC): I have reviewed the transcript.Andrea (ID: NPC): I see you are wanting to know about the Sundance channel, how can I help?Cheated Dish Customer: It has always been part of my programming package, now it is no longer accessible as of Friday evening. I want it back.Andrea (ID: NPC): I understand.Andrea (ID: NPC): The Sundance Channel will be removed from the Showtime Movie Package and America's Everything Package.Andrea (ID: NPC): The Sundance Channel will now be offered in the DISH Platinum Package and will remain on channel 389 in SD.Cheated Dish Customer: well no one informed me that i was no longer going to have a service that was contracted for, but still expected to pay for it. part of the reason for getting what I currently have was that the Sundance channel was part of the package. I pay a year in advance for my services and I expect them to be available at all times and not to be suddenly snatched away.Andrea (ID: NPC): We advise you that price and programming are subject to change.Cheated Dish Customer: I want the services I payed for in advance or I want compensation in the form of channel. I've payed for this already, alterations can be made at the end of the payment cycle - in my case at the beginning of next year.Andrea (ID: NPC): I do understand.Andrea (ID: NPC): I will look at the options for you.Andrea (ID: NPC): What I will do is offer to do $5 off the bill for the next year.Cheated Dish Customer: bogus, I want either what I originally purchased, or I want another channel of equivalent nature to the end of my billing cycle, that's what is just and honest...............no argumentAndrea (ID: NPC): That is the only options we have at this time.Andrea (ID: NPC): You are aware the programming can change.Andrea (ID: NPC): We are more then compensating you for the channel being moved.Cheated Dish Customer: by taking the channel away how are you compensating me?Andrea (ID: NPC): I have offered to provide you with a $5 discount to the account for the next year.Cheated Dish Customer: that is not now, I might not be using your system next year, therefore I'm still out money and a channel I had with my original package. You're trying to weasel out on what you already owe.Andrea (ID: NPC): Again, when you signed up with the service, you understood that programming can change.Andrea (ID: NPC): The programming has been moved.Andrea (ID: NPC): We are offering compensation for that.Cheated Dish Customer: compensation is can only be in the form of another channel of similar type. never have I ever had any contract alterated in the middle of a payment cycle or year. always at the top of the year. You owe me, pay what you owe!Andrea (ID: NPC): Again, as I have explained the programming can change at anytime.Andrea (ID: NPC): We cannot offer another type of channel on the account.Cheated Dish Customer: you cannot take and not replace, at the very least that is called theft.Andrea (ID: NPC): Again, it is not.Andrea (ID: NPC): You understood the fact that the programming can change.Andrea (ID: NPC): It has changed.Andrea (ID: NPC): At this time we cannot offer a channel in its place.Cheated Dish Customer: definitely is! I have been a faithful customer for over ten years and never had an issue till now. and now Dish is trying some sort of garbage - untrustworthy............Andrea (ID: NPC): I am sorry you feel that way.Cheated Dish Customer: it is more than a feeling, it is obvious in your manner and approach and what you are trying to pass off as acceptable Andrea (ID: NPC): I do understand.Andrea (ID: NPC): At this time these are the options we have.Andrea (ID: NPC): Is there anything else I can assist you with?Cheated Dish Customer: no, I don't need anything else stolen from me or dishonesty portrayed as sufficiencyAndrea (ID: NPC): I am sorry you feel that way.Andrea (ID: NPC): Thank you for chatting with Dish Network, have a wonderful day.Thank you for visiting DISH Network. You may now close this window.

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:( I am very disappointed at DISH & how they pass off THEIR changes to programing as if they haven't any control over it & basically without much warning! Who cares who owns it it's DISH that chooses the packaging lineups & what channels are included.

Before I had dishes everything pkg. a joke when it doesn't include everything being all their channels then for financial reasons I had to cut down my bill as I'm disabled receiving SSD just like the elderly on fixed income of SS but they don't care & offer no discounts like alot of companies do so I told the person at dish what channels I absolutely didn't want to give up & a very helpful rep did this with me to lower my bill but it included Sundance now unless I add premium I can't get it & I'm pissed off they make me pay the same amount in the first place for less channels. I'm so tired of them & the commercial that says "no one will give you your pick of any channels… in regards to packaging them in bundles-I ask why not??? Cause if $$$!

I don't want any sports or spanish channels; how about a trade all those for my Sundance back? Yeah fat chance!

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