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When we moved into our old place around 2 years ago we bundled with Century Link since our options were very limited in what we could get. For $20 or so a month we got a decent amount of channels and a few good HD channels.

But that's where the good praise ends; We called Dish to start up a service with them and set up a date & time to which they would put up our dish. They arrived late per expected and stayed about 15 minutes and left, but they certainly made sure to leave a HUGE mess in our house. Just happy to have them out we flipped our cable on and for about a day it worked with no issues it was *** after that. The service never wanted to work and randomly it would change itself from one channel to another so we called Dish & had them send out another Tech He came out & investigated and then told me the guy before him (Which was HIS supervisor) had used all the wrong cables that he practically went to some old hardware store & picked up the worst wires they had available.

He then looked outside & found that the duplex next to us was some how tied into our dish meaning we could change their channel and they could change ours on occasion. Someone had done a sketchy job in connecting two separate places. The guy was nice, left no mess, & for a while fixed our issue. We had to have 2 more Techs come and try to fix the various issues we were having including sending us a new dish box because the one we had was out of date.

(in the 2 months that we had it.) Then I had a tech stop by to check in on our service and told me that I didn't need to call anyone that he would be out to my place same time tomorrow; he never showed up, go figure. Not to soon after I looked at my cable bill & noticed it had risen from $22.50 per month, to a whooping $55.00 for no reason. I called the company and they told me their was a $15 price change for everyone. (But I'm sure my math is correct in when I say that is MORE then a $15 change) After fighting with them and getting no where they told me I would have to change my service in order to keep my price & they were "willing" to give me a package they didn't offer anymore.

So I went with it and just as soon as I got it, I realized how bad it was I had no channels worth watching, in fact it had more Spanish episodes then anything. I came to find out later that they made a mistake in my bill and charged me more then they were supposed to instead of this "price change". so I changed my cable & fought with them over their mistake.

Safe to say I've unplugged my dish & have to pay the $22 until our contract is up because they wouldn't let me cancel with out playing $250. :/

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