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I was ready to leave ATT after 2 yrs and one of their reps sold me 1 more by getting my bill back under 100.00 except he didnt include the equipment...So after that i decide to try dish.

I go to a website that advertises go dish bundle and save. I talk to this guy and tell him i want the 120 plan wbasic internet. He says"WE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU" watch out for that. They immeadiatly start trying to install.

And he never sends me any info on what im getting. After a month my ATT contract is up and the appointment i keep pushing back comes and a guy with both his install co. Logo and dish networks is on his shirt but i understand hes independant. As he finishes he has me sign his phone w my index finger and says its my 2 yr agreement.

He starts explaining the remote and i ask what about the internet? He says oh we only do tv someone else will do that. I first think i signed a service agreement because i still had no kind of corrisponancd as to WHAT I WAS GETTING. When i called i asked for internet they transfered me to a cox rep who was more than happy to sell me internet as a stand alone for 59.00 mo.

What happened to my bundle? He said l can help w that hang on and he put me on hold. I said i want it out. Im not gonna start a business relationship like this.

Ill pay for the uninstall come get it. It has been less than an hour get it out... now 4 days later they told me they had to reveiw my calls to see if I was mis informed or i would automatically be charged the 480 early term fee. I said as of now i havent used your service.

I dont want it your not providing me w what i wanted. Tomorrow regardless it comes out. I can see companies trying to avoid losses of installs etc.

But to go to that extreme to trap a customer?I got news id chew my arm off first.

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Take this as a lesson learned from a former tech the customer service representative are liars and will say anything to get a sale. Had one poor customer told over the phone that we had new dishes that could go through trees.

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