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I called dish yesterday after my services had been suspended, after they stopped the auto pay, expressed concern that the entire 6 months that I had the service that it has been one problem after another. I spoke to customer service told them that I would like to cancel service, I was asked to hold while he spoke to his supervisor. He came back to the phone and told be the services would be back on in 35 minutes. I asked what I needed to pay I was told "absolutely nothing"

24 hours later still no service so I call explain what happened yesterday and was told I was "misinformed" and that I needed to pay $167.

I asked to speak with a supervisor because I was lied to, told supervisor same thing was again told that I was "misinformed" I again stated that I was not happy and wanted to cancel contract due to the horrible customer service was told that I need to pay $332 to cancel contract. I did tell her didn't think it was fair seeing how the reason that I was canceling was due to their horrible customer service.

My problems with dish started at the time the dish was installed, when the dish was installed in was place on the ground, let me add I live in the country with lots of snow and children and animals running around, called dish to complain was told they would send someone out that week to fix the problem no one showed 2 weeks and a few calls later someone came to look, took another week to get the problem fixed.

Then the rates went up was told it was due to not registering on line, fixed that problem, then rates went up again before the year was up.

After that I was charged for having internet services that I did not have.

I don't think any customer should be charged to end a contract after so many problems I have given them plenty of chances to make the relationship work with failure every time.

I don't think anybody should be stuck with such bad services and need to pay to end it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $332.

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I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this caused you. I would be happy to assist you with this situation in any way that I can. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com

Becki Barned

DISH Internet Response Team

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