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When I placed my account on snooze/vacation mode the Dish rep. did not advise me of taxes due when I went off snooze.

When I called Dish Network to advise that I would be on vacation, their rep. advised a monthly snooze rate of under $10. He did not advise that when I took my account off snooze/vacation that there would be prorated taxes added to my bill for the time I was on vacation/snooze. Had I known that I would not have put my account on vacation mode.

They failed to add the monthly taxes to my snooze bill which is what they should have done. They prorate the taxes at the full amount of your account before snooze not during. This is not a good practice and they do not advise their customers of this when they go on vacation/snooze mode.

My last bill on snooze was $1.96. When I resumed regular programing after snooze my bill is $153.58 which includes all of the prorated taxes and other charges at full amount for the whole time I was away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $76.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #700057


I know that's frustrating and can you please email me your account number at so I can review it and see what I can do?

Oakhurst, California, United States #698545

Been on hold for 45 minutes in an effort to speak to a supervisor...don't think they want to talk to me. My problem is also with so-called pro-rated charges amounting to $150+ that was added to my bill AFTER payment was made, in good faith, 30 days earlier!

Tech being what it is (in the US...right...?) I don't understand why charges can't be addressed immediately...? I think we're going to dump Dish.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #673739


Although tax is not something we control, I understand your concern. If you could please email me your account number at, it would be my pleasure to look into this further for you. Thank you!

Tellico Plains, Tennessee, United States #673653

Tax on the full amount for the service was charged to my account even though I was on a lower fee for "pause service."

The tax should have been charged on the "pause service" amount of $5.00. My total bill after pause was $153.58!

My regular program service was around $70.00/month and that's the amount they taxed me for, not the $5.00 pause amount. I did speak with a Dish Customer Service Rep. in their billing department who agreed that this wasn't right and credited my account $76.37 because they did not tell me that I would be taxed when I went on pause service. It was my understanding that my cost would simply be $5.00/month for pause service.

I do not understand why the Dish rep.

did not disclose the additional fees involved with going on pause, nor can I understand any local, state or federal taxes on this service as it is a "service" and not a tangible item you can hold in your hand nor eat. My advice to anyone thinking about getting either Dish Network or Direct TV, read the fine print and speak to a Supervisor who will be honest enough to disclose any fees included any any service, whether or not it's programing or in my case using the "pause" service because there are more fees and charges than they will tell you about.

Just like me who was totally shocked at receiving a bill for $153.58 even though I paid the $5.00/month charge for the pause service. :eek

Aurora, Colorado, United States #660457

I see your concern and would be happy to assist you with this situation! Tax is not something we control.

We control only the charges for our service rendered and provide you with the appropriate disclosures on how DISH Pause works, such as automatically having your original service reactivated once the six-month time period is up.

If you can email me your account number at, I'd be glad to take a further look. Thank you.

to MikeLDISH123 #698916

That's ok. I've decided to discontinue Dish on the 22nd when my next bill is due.

I have Netflix now and am very happy. I'm just tired of paying Dish for all the commercial ad stations that come dumped into my scant regular program. I'm not willing to pay $150/month to watch two movie channels full of re-runs.

Dish better wake up and do some major improvements are a lot more people are going to dump Dish as well. :x

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