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I have spent four (4) days in a row trying to get DishTV to credit back a refund amount they "debited" to my bill; in other words, they charged me for a refund they already gave me after I returned their poorly designed Google TV product to be used in conjunction with their DishTV service. Here's the chronology:

1. Purchased Google TV product - 3 months ago (don't want to look up the actual dates)

2. Per their agreement, sent it back for a full refund.

3. Waited 3 weeks or so to get the refund.

4. Called and asked for the refund - $179+.

5. They credited my bank account for that amount a few days later. Everything's ok.

6. A month and a half later, they posted a fee to my monthly bill (March) equal to the refund amount, $179+ and called that "charge" on my bill a "Refund". This posting, along with the monthly DishTV fees, put my checking account into an overdraft situation with a "PA" designation. The next day, a took time off from work to post $250 to my checking account to prevent the PA designation from actually debiting my checking account.

7. In the last four (4) days I have talked to various billing people and billing supervisors who each said they would adjust the amount and credit my bank account. To date, they have done neither.

I don't know what little game DishTV is playing; perhaps they purchased these crappy GoogleTV keyboards which do little or nothing to make the TV experience better...and want to show the stockholders they're not fools for showing the balance sheet with all it's returned product.

Whatever they are doing, I am one pissed off customer, NOT from poor quality DishTV but from customer support that "kicks the can down the road" regarding this now seemingly worthless Google TV product. You can't really have one part of the company providing superior product while the other treats you like a second class citizen, offering no apology for raiding your checking account for the same refund amount they gave you weeks earlier...AND...NOT correcting the problem each time they say they will! It's bizarre and I am shocked at this behavior. If not illegal it certainly is not ethical; and...why wouldn't it be illegal to charge something to one's account that they had no right to since the refund ended the entire previous transaction?

If I weren't so far into DishTV because they ALSO give me my local channels...I'd drop them like a bad habit. There's something very wrong with a company that must have a directive from the top to seemingly need to keep the cash flow in check above all else.

Since I can't/won't drop them, I am going to bring this out into the sunlight everywhere I can on the internet and pose this question to you: "Is this the kind of company you want to do business with". I don't. I'll be soon as DirectTV goes local in my hometown.


Raymond Myers

Vestal, New York

Review about: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $180.


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