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I contacted Dish Network online rather than over the phone so I would have a written record, indisputable, of the entire transaction. I was looking for a way to watch our in-region and out-of-region teams - the washington capitals, boston bruins and boston red sox; without paying through the nose for cable and their extra packages. The rep I spoke with on-line sold me America's Top 120 Plus and assured me I would have both CSN Mid-Atlantic (for the Caps games), and NESN (for the Boston games). I have this in writing in no uncertain language.

When the techs showed up for the Install, they were a bit perplexed, saying that we couldn't get NESN, but they would try to help out. They called customer service on my behalf, with me right there, and got some girl on the phone that expected me to be happy with MASN and Orioles games. Really? Does she know what baseball is??? We finally got through to a guy (btw - I'm a woman, and I KNOW my sports), and he said we could have the Multi-Sport Package ($5.99/mo) free for six months, and that would get us NESN, and we would still have CSN-MidAtlantic. I settled for it. I shouldn't have...

The Multi-Sport Package has about 15 or so regional Fox Sports networks, NESN, and one additional CSN network. Every single game is blacked out. I'm not exaggerating. With literally one exception, we have yet to watch any out of network game. We've watched a Dallas FSN pre-game broadcast, that ended with an announcement from the anchors asking local viewers to lobby Dish Network because they were about to blackout the game to their local viewers.

Tonight the Caps play the Bruins, and we don't get it (we'd have to get the second most expensive package to get Versus - really, Dish???), and I'm fully expecting to have the Sox-Yanks game blacked out.

Dish charges $17.50/unused contract month to cancel. For us that's $385.

They give us a package for sports, and then blackout every game. This is called robbery.

If you are a lawyer, and interested in a class-action suit, I'm your woman.

If you know how to repoint a satellite or some other way to get our games, leave me a comment. I want to fight back. While this isn't life and death, I won't take it lying down.


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I apologize it has taken so long to get back to you. We would be happy to review the transcripts for you, you can email them to me directly.


We apologize for the inconvenience. I know it can be difficult when losing a channel that you love. I assure you it is never our intent to remove programming that is important to you, we understand how frustrating that can be. Also keep in mind DISH Network continues to to ensure fair agreement that will ultimately help keep your prices lower and offer the best value, technology, and customer service in the pay TV industry. It is our hope that you will stand with us as we continue to fight to keep your channel available. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.


I feel your pain I live in Buffalo and we get the Sabres on MSG and dish canceled the channel, they don't want to pay for access. If you buy the Center Ice Package you still don't get the games.

They are blacked out and you have to use your regional sports channel, which we have none. I even heard they aren't even talking. Dish said here is what we will pay MSG said no and that was that. Also just like you sorry you have a contract and it says we can change channels without notice.

They also give you those lame programmed responses like sorry for the inconvience.

As far as contaction the executive that sent you an email I can tell you from personal experience don't bother they give you the same lame bs the agents do. They simply don't care.

to megerr #1016228

t too was feed a bunch of the same *** .and now stuck with it for a month plus the fee. promised we would get MLB baseball but all the games are blacked out.


@MikeH - are you in a position where I could send you the transcripts from the sales conversations I had before making the purchase? It would be nice to see if they could be reviewed, and if anything could be done to make up for what happened to us.


Hi Nipoirier, my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network Executive Office. I am sorry you had a bad customer service experience with us.

We always want our customers to have the best package that fits there family's budget. When a customer signs up and likes sports we do let them know the advantages of the programming package they have. In our Core package we offer all the ESPN channels except ESPN Classic. And if they get the Top 200 or higher you will get the NFL Network.

With the Multisport package we offer different sports packages from different parts of the country. We do not have control over what is blacked out because it is based on contract with the sports league and who has purchased the rights to that event.


I am also *** off at dishnetwork. i tired to watch the opening day game redsox vs yankees and guess what?

blacked out. WTF? Game is on ESPN2 and why is it blacked out. locals can't even watch there team.

Thank god i can still watch the PATS but that is broadcast through CBS. Once my contract run out im not continuing again.

To whom who wanna watch baseball or hockey. do not order from these *** of *** satelite service.

stick to cable. its a little expensive but when i had i watched every single game.


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