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I have a Old dish installed on the roof, it is no longer used and cause leaking problem during raining day. i want to have DishNetwork to have it removed and willing to pay for the service, initially i was given some retailers to contact for the service, but they are fake that not really so the removal,( 718-647-4444 is one of the contact).

then when i call DiskNetwork again, the agent is so rude and said, Disknetwork , will not provide the removal service , once the Dish is installed, cusomter is the owner, Disknetwork will not be reponsible for any repair service including removal). I will never use DiskNetwork, their service is terrible compared to Verizon or Cable vision.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Service.

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The dish antenna and cabling belong to the customer upon installation. It is not the property of Dish, thus they will not remove it.

If looking for a removal, you can google "dish network retailers" and locate a local retailer to remove t.

It will be at your own cost. Also, you may be able to google a handy man.


I have a mother who is 84 and dying,she has been awake almost 3 days listening to a dish sattleite bang against our 2 story unit.its not mine or the neighbors,but this Family company refuses to do the right thing and just send someone out to cut it down.after talking to 19 people,it is evident No one who works there gives a ***!when it's time for their family members to pass on,I'm sure dish net will not be causing them grief. YOUR COMPASSION Speaks louldly!

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