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Think it is time to get this settled. Thought it was all dish, but having second thoughts.

This is bound to hurt your ratings, over half the country cannot watch this channel now. We have watched this channel ever since you started, now it is the only news channel my husband will watch. 95% of everyday & night. We are getting no news now because the other channels do not have decent or fair coverage.

We were going to switch to Direct, but do not like them, they are definitely a more liberal based satellite coverage, and we figured about the time we switched your contract would be up and it would be the same thing over. I do feel it is hurting you more than you know, everyone is wondering how FAIR & BALANCED you really are. It seems you are more interested in money than your ratings and your consumers, think it will hurt you more in the end. Think it is time to get this settled.

With all the troubles in the world we like to keep up with it. My husband has got more people switched to Fox News than you can imagine, think it is time to settle.

Reason of review: Dish dispute.

Monetary Loss: $220.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #930681

Just an FYI, Dish hols about 13.7% of the Pay TV viewers currently. If you were to calculate that out, there are about 685,000 subscribers cannot watch Fox News, if evenly distributed throughout all the TV companies.

That is based on Fox News having 5 million viewers. There are over 317,000,000 Americans in this country, so we are talking less than 1% of Americans affected by the FNC. Hope that helps clarify your rhetoric. PS, Fox is holding Dish and its customers hostage to get higher rates on another channel, Fox Sports 1, which is not even included in the contract with Fox News and Fox Business.

This is the 3rd time they have done this, since changing its name from Speed channel, to Fox Sports 1. They sure sound 'Fair and Balanced'. That is the news channel you are supporting.

Could not leave this last point out either.

Fox claims Dish is censoring your news.

This is a statement that makes zero sense, as Dish still carries news channels from the right side as well, such as The Blaze with Glenn Beck(A Former Fox News employee), and NewsMax. Does not sound like censorship to me, as News from all parties seem to be on there.

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