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To Whom It May Concern:

My family and I just moved from New Jersey to Salt Lake City, UT. We bought a home and decided on DISH Network for our TV Needs.

We have had nothing but problems. We couldn't order movies from our remote/TV, which we are supposed to be able to do. We have had a number of techs come out having to pay each time and nothing is getting solved. We had our first big snow of the year last night and today and we are ABSOLUTELY without service.

We called tech support and they said they would not be able to get anybody out here until Monday, maybe, and that we are going to have to pay for that visit. I have never been so pissed off than I am now.

I have a 90-year-old Alzheimer's mother who I am caring for who relies on the television for entertainment, it calms her and now you are asking me to go without service at all until Monday and then will have to pay for the visit, but that's right you will probably just tell me to get out there and clear the Dish off right? Please get this taken care of or the media is going to have a hayday with this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Assago, Lombardy, Italy #746700

cable providers are like presidents that campaign they promise the world fight for your loyalty once they get it and get ya in the door the gang rape begins

Assago, Lombardy, Italy #746697
I went through the same thing the move the mother I care for the whole nine its *** company that robs you unreal no integrity what so ever they remind me of a internet provider from like columbia :cry
Shelocta, Pennsylvania, United States #719987

I agree with you! Changed from direct,which had for 8 years.

Got expensive so went with Dish. In a matter of a year, prices went up the same if not more than direct.

What's up with that? Lower prices my butt....Too make matters worse signed up bunch of friends, now they are pissed too!!!!!

MattG@DISH Network

Hello, this is Matthew Gonzales with DISH Network customer service. I apologize about all of the problems you have been experiencing.

If you are still having issues with your system, I would personally like to make sure we get them all resolved for you. Please feel free to email me at

to MattG@DISH Network #783207

let us go somewhere else without charging us when we are not satisfied. It is amazing, you give crappy service and you charge me to go else where.

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