Dish Network thoughly pissed us off. We signed up last October, for what sounded like a very good deal. We were told we had 45 days to decide if we wanted to keep the service. We were also told that we had to sign up for 2years. (seems everyone is going that route to keep customers). After numerous phone calls and service calls within the first 30 days we were ready to get rid of it. They *** around with the B.S. that they must teach their technicians in a special class.

Our sevice is problably the suckiest from a company that we have ever experienced. Highly recommond people NOT to switch to the dish (network).

One time we had a technician come out to set up our system the way it was suppose to be and before he even stepped foot in the door he asked me what I was having done. As I was explaining to him he started shaking his head (no no no). He handed me the work order and said to read it. It was nothing like what I had explained to the phone tech. This guy was at least smart enough to let me see what Dish Network was trying to pull. He said that our job would have been his fourth work order that Dish totally was going to try and screw over the consumer. He wasn't a regular Dish Network installer, he was subbed out.

I could go on, with all their *** that they have pulled but it *** me off to think about it. Just think, I've only got 1year and 2 months til my contract is up with them!

I'm hoping a couple of their communication satellites crash and burn up on re-entry. No service for millions of people and they will have to refund people money because they cannot live up to their end of the contract.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion. If your work order was not created for the work you wanted done, we are able to correct it over the phone with the tech on site.

Although we make every effort to understand exactly what you need or want; sometimes it is difficult to determine exactly what needs to be done over the phone. If you are still having any concerns please let us know.


Seriously dude, the people that take calls for new connects are in India, so if you're going to be pissed, be pissed that Indians can't speak nor write English properly. I work for a subcontractor of Dish Network, and honestly the biggest issue is the work order not set up properly. You really need to chill, you're being completely dramatic.

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