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I cancelled my service early because the price for satellite service had gone up dramatically.I was always happy with the reception and service but the price became prohibitive.

They informed me that there would be an early cancellation charge which I already knew about. I was on an autopay plan which debits my checking account automatically so that I don't have late payments. So a month after the last payment to dish network I see a $34.89 charge on my checking account to them. I called them at 800-894-9131 and after dealing with their automated menu system, was able to speak to a rep who asked me who I am and the last four digits of my social security number for verification.

I gave him this info and explained what happened and he informed my that when I sent back the receiver and remotes I used their shipping label & method of shipment and that they charged me accordingly. Had I used another method of shipment and label, I would not have been charged. I told the rep that I was not told in advance that I would be charged anything, nor was I given the option during my conversation with the previous rep of using another method of shipment or label to send the unit back, and that I felt the shipping charge should be refunded. He said it didn't matter and that there was nothing he could do, that because I used the shipping label and method, they were correct in charging my bank account for the shipping charge of $15.00.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. He put me on hold and then came back on and said he was about to connect me. I waited and then I heard a click, and my call was disconnected. I called back, and the exact same thing happened again.

I called back a third time and spoke with Chantel, Operator ID# MER, who tried to reverse the charge but was unsuccessful. I said the next thing I'm going to do is call my bank and have them reverse the charges. She said she would connect me to a supervisor and I ended up talking to Christie, who informed me that on their contract it is written that they can charge me to use the shipping label, and that they DON'T TELL PEOPLE IN ADVANCE THAT THEY WILL BE CHARGED TO USE THE SHIPPING LABEL because they don't want people going to USPS to ship the receiver back because it may get lost and the customer would have to pay to replace it. I asked her several times to please reverse the charges and she said they were right to chrge the money to my checking account.

I informed her that not informing me in advance that I would incur a charge on my checking account is FRAUD, and that I would be informing my bank of the FRAUDULENT charges, filing a complaint against her company with the Secretary of the Treasury, and would also prevent her company from making any new charges on my checking account, tell everyone I know about this fraudulent charge on my checking account, and advise them never to do business with Dish Network EVER. I also asked her if she thought it was right of her company to charge a customer money without first informing them why. She didn't care and said it was within her company's rights to take that money out of my account. She said there was nothing more she could do and that she would be connecting me to the executive somebody or other in charge of something.

I said there was no need as I felt that since a supervisor could not resolve the situation, there probably wasn't anything an executive could do either.She ended the conversation by informing me that the conversation was being recorded.

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We notified them that we were very unhappy with our old equipment and wanted the newer versions.They refused.

We took our business elsewhere. They then tried to bill for $400 + for their equipment. But they couldn't suck the $$$ from our account because they didn't have authorization for Auto Pay. Since they did have their old crappy equipment back, they couldn't push it.

NEVER, EVER give anyone the right to access your account.NEVER!!!


I had the same issue but it was $700.00 due to shipping thr eauipment back. I would suggest that when terminating the service, contact your bank and stop any further drafts by Diah!

El Paso, Texas, United States #941536

This Dish Network One Time 800-894-9131 in Colorado is not the actual Dish Network.The phone number for the real Dish Network is 1-888-661-8432.

This happened to me too. There was about 200 dollars worth of charges on my card from this company. They are fraudsters.

Don't call them and give them any of your information.They probably bank on the fact that many people with Dish Network would look at their account and not notice these charges.


I'm going through the same thing with Dish right now.Actually, the contract states that you agree to allow them authorization to charge your card for "UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT".

The shipping labels is for returned equipment. Charging a person's credit card for the shipping labels is illegal. They should be billing you for it but NOT automatically deducting it from your account. And actually, they've done it twice to me!

They charged my card with $550.00 for unreturned equipment and when they realized it was returned, the issued a credit (I had to call again and request a refund on that credit!!!) for $516.00, keeping $34.00 for the shipping labels. Then I received a notice that I was going to incur ANOTHER charge for the shipping labels. When I called, I was told it was auto-generated and I wouldn't be charged but low and behold, it happened. So now, Dish Network has illegally accessed my account not once, but TWICE!

This is not over yet.

Englewood, Colorado, United States #741040



AND YOUR EXPERIENCE is now a LESSON TO THE WISE---never give ANYONE ANYTHING to do with your accounts.

WHEN they tried to CONTINUE their garbage on cancellation ONE WISE GUY tells me THEY HAVE authority to garnish/CHARGE to the credit card USED to set thing up--ooooooh yeah ??? TRY IT--i got off the phone with them and called MY CREDIT CARD people aand CLOSED DOWN THAT ACCT and TOLD VISA WHY and visa had absolutely NO PROBLEMS EITHER....and NO PROBLEMS WITH dish as they couldnt' do a THING.

NO contract in writing--so where IS/was my signature ???

a work order confirmation does NOT A CONTRACT MAKE.

no more acct associated with THEM ???? zip zilch nada going OUT to them the SAME.

these thieves and ALL THE REST OF THEM should be either put out of business VIA CONSUMER LAW or adhere to BASIC CONSUMER LAWS.


to wendy Mesa, Arizona, United States #1101420

Your credit report should be dropping off the Dish charge off here soon, as it has now been almost 5 years... It drops after 7.


Dish Network changed over $300 to my credit card, and by the time to cancel the credit card, I was told there are (3) more charges to the same card.I am not the customer of Dish Network, and have no idea how this company know about me and my credit card #.

This is totally ridiculous.

I will never use Dish Network.:(


Hey LeoM,I do apologize for the frustration on this subject.

It is in the contract where it says the $15 for returning equipment if you use our labels, but you are free to use your own shipping methods.

I would be more than happy to review it and assist you how I can on this. If you'd like any assistance please feel free to contact me at thomas.faust@dishnetwork.com

to TommyF@DISH Network Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1147680

There is no return fee at directv plusses isn't conciliation fees for services never received enough for the thieves at dish

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