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I have been a member of Dish for a year now and HATE it. It started off great, it was a cheaper choice for my first time homeownership and I had no idea what I was getting into.

I chose the plan that was 54.95/ month and thought that was a great deal for the channels I was getting... Until I received a bill for over $80 a couple months ago. This is ridiculous. They are nickel & diming me every chance they get and I have asked to cancel my service- only $275 to do it!!

I can't afford that, so I am stuck paying for expensive crappy service for another year.

I DO NOT recommend DISH network to anyone. It sounds like a great deal, but they stick you at the end.

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Having had multiple contracts for different services over the years (i.e. cell, tv banking etc) It has become common practice for a company to have an Introductory price.

Some companies have renewable prices with a new 2 year contract. Sprint is one of those companies. I do not beleive DISH does, but I do know they have many different packages to choose from that is still going to beat the competitors. Serious, there are enough websites out there, independently controlled where you can compare DISH and DirecTV packages and services side by side.

I was amazed to find out the Choice Xtra package from DTV is $65.99 which is in comparison to DISH America's Top 200, which is only $59.99, and DISH next package up is $69.99.

the AT250. So after all credits expire, sit down and really do the math on where you are saving your money.


This company has to have the worst customer service ever. Good luck speaking to someone who will actually help you.

dish network is a rip off. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

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