I agreed to subscribe to Dish Network because they had a pretty good package deal that was cheaper than the monthly Comcast package. I didn't know that the sales rep would lie to me in order to get the sale.

They sent countless letters and phoned again and again and the package was always the same. For $50 per month, I was to be hooked up to three TVs and get two DVRs. They also said that on a single DVR, we would be able to watch one program and record another at the same time. to make a long story short, to provide the service they promised, I had to pay another $149 for another tuner.

I found this out after the 8 hour installation had taken place and they had all of the equipment in place. I called the customer service people (contradiction in terms) and they said they could do nothing about it and either buy the extra tuner or have two TVs programed to the same channel. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an additional TV. Anyway, I told them to cancel the service, and they threatened to charge a large cancelation fee because it had been more than 72 hours.

It had been that long because they didn't come back to fix the problem for a week. I told them that they had committed fraud for lying to me about what I was to recieve for service. They finally agreed to cancel the service with no fees, but we get to mail all the equipment back to them instead of having the intallation technician take the *** with him. The bottom line is, do not believe what the sales people tell you.

They will feed you all the *** you can take in order to reel you in like a big fish. The final blow came today when we got the bill and it was twice as much as they told us it would be.

I feel good about going back to Comcast to avoid another long, frustrating phone call to people who just don't care about their customers.

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Guess what - Comcast doesn't care about their customers either !!

They are all the same. Techs blame customer service, customer service blames techs, can't speak to anyone with any authority to do anything about your problems. All ***holes.

Svendborg, Fyn, Denmark #12620

Maybe you could take them to small claims court or just start out reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. If I were you I would at least see a lawyer.

This company sure is running a scam of some kind. Next time, stick with Comcast.

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