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The customer service and technical support is awful.Takes at least fifty to complete a call.

They have deceptive business practices. Signed a two year contact no dollar amount on contract bill was different from quote. Service constantly blacks was told it was cloud coverage, on a sunny day. By the way we live in Florida during hurricane season had we been told you wont get coverage at all during cloud coverage we wouldn't have purchased.

A repair tech came out so which help with the cloud coverage. However the random shutting down of one receiver still not resolved. Takes ten minutes to get technical support a joke another fifteen minutes to read note to tell you to turn the receiver off and turn on or software updating idiots. They refused to send a technician out.

We will file a complaint with the city and cancel.MS

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Hello, Tommy Faust with DISH Network here.I am sorry to hear about the problems you had with the signal.

If the receiver is powering on and off and the reset didn't fix you may need a replacement receiver.

I would be happy to look into it.If you're still experiencing the problem feel free to email me at


I have Dish Network, also.I've had my share of the problems with them, too.

My receiver/dvrs looses reception regularly and I have to wait for it to get a signal, sometimes almost five minutes. In that amount of time, you can lose track of what's going on in a show. When my contract is up, I'm going back to cable. In the past, cable has always taken care of any problem with reception, etc.

the same day, usually within a few hours and at no charge. It's not always like that with the satellite repairmen.

Good luck to you.Maybe you should give cable a try next time?

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