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Cable got too expensive so I looked into dish network. The only problem is I wanted to be able to watch Flyers games.

Dish does not carry comcast so I ordered the center ice package because as their commercial states "watch your favorite team wherever you are"...except if you are in your teams are. Flyers games are blacked out. Call do get a refund and they say they will refund half! I had it for three hours!!!

C omplain a little and they say they will refund all of it. I tell them I want to cancel because they aren't delivering what the promised. They tell me if I upgrade to the all sports package I can watch the games. Guess what?

They are still not available. Call to cancel and they tell me I am on the hook for the entire two years. I had it for three hours!!!!

They are all smiles and hugs when you are signing up but as soon as you have a problem they just say go ahead and cancel, we still get paid. Never again!

Monetary Loss: $1440.

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I have my grievances with Dish, but actually this is a fault of Comcast and the cable companies being monopolistic by purchasing sports rights to block out the other cable providers. I have the same issue with MSG and the Knicks, even tho NBA league pass says watch any game anywhere.

They should allow you to cancel had you not known the situation, I think thats only fair, but I think its up to the consumer to really look at what DISH offers before signing up.

Lastly, even the people at DISH don't know what local sports are in your area, this is not good on their part, but the deals the cable providers offer them to get channels keep chaining. Buyer beware I guess.

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