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I chatted with 2 online Representatives to day about upgrading to hopper. What a rip-off!

Sure you can upgrade, but you'll pay through the nose to upgrade. They charge $100 to upgrade and another $85 for a technician to install. You can't do the installation yourself. You can add service and maintenance for $7.00 per month and then they reduce it to $15, but the upgrade fee sticks.

It will also cost more per month...about $7 per month (plus another $7.00 for the service/maintenance). Dish's monthly subscription price may start low, but they will nickel and dime you to death!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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it sucks

Kennewick, Washington, United States #789503

Dish and the hopper are awesome. Customer service is great and the Hopper is better than any other DVR system out there.

You guys are a bunch of whiney ***. Go get butt f*ed by direct tv or downgrade to some joke like charter, or comcast. What a joke, you even have dish reps on here trying to help you out, but let's cry about the time being too small or how you want 4 bars instead of 6.

I want 8! ***


I hate the Hopper, we upgraded to it just this summer and have had nothing but issues. First we found out that the tec did not tighten the wires out side enough so it shorted out the system.

They than came out and fixed it. Next we found out that the tec did not leave the stands for the joeys so it kept getting hot and shutting down. Found this out after the second time they came out. When we found out that it needed the stand Dish said they can't send the stands because they only come with the Joeys?

Now the system still shuts down all the time and kicks us off when we are watching our recordings. If I was to rate the Hooper I would give it two thumps down :(


If you don't want a new contract with dish, just buy your own equiptment and do your own install. Thats what I did, I figure if I leave dish I can sell the stuff. if you get a Joey you will a.also need a single node to connect it to your whole house network.

Here is an example of where to buy and pricing.


Cleveland, Ohio, United States #702538

So go to direct and really pay out the nose!



I saw your post and would like to help with that as we absolutely appreciate your long-time loyalty to us! Could you please email me your account number so I can take a look at everything and look into all options we have? My email address is michael.lemar@dish.com and I hope to hear from you so I can get this worked out for you!


Because of my dissatisfaction with Hopper, Dish has agreed to remove Hopper and reinstall my previous system.

One big catch! They say that I have to have a new two year contract. This is unacceptable, as I was lied to by a Dish salesperson, who said that the on screen displays would be just like my present system or better.

My opinion of better differs from Dish's. I had an external hard drive connected to my DVR on my previous system. I was told that I could access the programs on the external hard drive using the Hopper. When I attempted to download these, I could not access any of the programs.

to lance615 Jacksonville, Florida, United States #714448

My recordings on my external hard drive worked and copied from the external hard drive to the Hoppers internal 2TB hard drive and play back perfectly. I have the newer version of the Hopper with the fling adapter installed within the unit.


I have been a Dish customer for 10 years and always thought their DVR was superior to others I have seen. It had the largest hard drive, well designed menus that were easy to read and I could do most things using the remote without even looking.

I have made the biggest mistake going to Hopper. While Hopper provides almost unlimited storage with a huge 2 terabyte hard drive, it goes down hill from there.

Most the problems I have with Hopper deal with ability to read the text.

1. The Guide now shows 6 channels at a time with no ability to reduce it to 4, thereby making the test larger.

2. the time at the top is difficult to read because they got fancy with shading for no reason.

3. You can't skip forward to the same time each day (now you have to use the forward button to advance 24 hours, a half-hour at a time).

The channel information bar you get when you press the Cancel button, is hard to read for no reason. You can readily see the time, but the duration of the program and minutes remaining are more faint and should be the same clarity as the time.

Now comes the worse part. When you try to look at what you have recorded, it no longer shows it in the old easy to read format. You now get ICONs that are too small to read without getting out of your chair and close to the TV to see what they are.

This is not progress, this is regress. I suppose if you had a very large 50-60 inch TV it wouldn't be a problem, But even then, why do you need this. It all was fine the way it was.

My wife has vision problems and it's impossible for her to see anything dealing with the new system and Dish won't let us go back to the old system.

Before you invest in Hopper, go to someone that has it along with a TV size you presently have and you will see what I mean.

There is also a deceiving feature that Dish promotes and that is the Hopper records your local network stations daily and allows you to watch them commercial free. This comes at a price. What they tell you is that you can record up to 6 programs at a time. What they don't tell you is that four of the stations are being used by Hopper to record the local channels, therefore only allowing you to watch one channel and record another, just like it was before. They at least give you the ability to deactivate this feature, thus allowing you to watch one and record five.

Dish needs to beta test new systems with seniors, not just young people with 20-20 vision.

Three good features:

Volume leveling.

All in HD

Access all recordings from any TV

to lance615 #643767

What do you have? A 12-inch TV. :zzz

to lance615 Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #666153

you can advance the guide one day at a time by pushing 24 and the right arrow

to lance615 #833533

Maybe you need new eyeglasses!

DanB@Dish Network

Hey Jimmy, I apologize for the frustration this has caused you. Our upgrades prices vary from account to account. All of our upgrade promotions are based on quite a few different factors. The main three are the amount of time you've had our service, your payment history, and the type of account you have. The pricing for the Hopper has just been lowered. Please email me at: Daniel.Busa@DISH.com for a quote.

Daniel Busa

Social Media Representative


Tuesday-Saturday 2:45-11:15 PM MST


Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my Dish service. just explain why there are different charges for different people.

Family and friends have upgraded without paying the upgrade fees. I was quoted one price for maintenance and my daughter (in the same city) pays half of what I was quoted and all her fees were waived! I asked why and I was told that they can't discuss other accounts and abruptly ended the conversation. If someone would give me an explanation, and I might agree and accept the charges.

I unfortunately I can't get that explanation.

Dish service is way different from cell service.

I pay $100 and the phone is mine. With Dish, I pay $100 and at the end of my contract I have nothing.


So for an upgrade, to better equipment, you don't think it should cost alittle more? Will you pass this idea on down to the cell phone and computer companis as well, seeing as every company I have ever upgraded something with, has the same practices.

Sounds prety reasonable to me. Especially since tv is a luxury, and not life changing.

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