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I called dishnetwork because I wanted cable. They told me they'd have to come out n install a receiver n that was it since I already had a satelite dish on my apartment building.

the technician told me I would have to pay a one time fee of almost 200 dollars to get my service setup and the I would be on a prepaid plan only and I could cancel at anytime without termination fees. BS. 2 weeks later my cable stopped work so I called n explained n they said they would send out a technician to fix the problem. I waited all day for this guy to there and he says he dosnt know how my cable worked at all the way it was hooked up.

So he had to go n get an extra satelite to put on the side of the house and put another receiver in. Btw he was totally rude and very rough with my tv and equpiment after 4 hours of messing around he finally got it. So then I get my first bill and its double what it was supposed to be and they tell me to get that price I have to go online n sign up for an offer to get that price that I had signed up for in the first place.

After a month of service n more messed up bills I canceled it n they r now charging me 360 dollars for a termination fee. I've been a happy direct tv customer now for 3 months

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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DanB@Dish Network
Aurora, Colorado, United States #625951

I'm sorry to hear that we lost your business. I would love to have the opportunity to look into this for you.

Can you please send me an e-mail so that I can assist you with this? My e-mail address is:Daniel.Busa@DISH.com

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