I can't believe so many "American" television services such as yourselves would broadcastbthis muslim leaning ***. I am currently a dish customer but won't be if you don't drop this *** soon.

How unamerican can you be? Why not just launch it on 911? There is no such thing as corporate responsibility anymore. Real Americans don't want to see this channel.

I don't know and haven't met ANYONE who thinks this is a good idea or in any way morally right. I hope you all choke.

What a slap in the face to Americsn servicemen and women on the middle east.

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Are you nuts? Its NOT a Muslim channel?


Really? Obviously it's being watched otherwise I don't believe the profit driven objective wouldn't allow it to be on.

I love that you choose to fight this good fight. lol


all providers have this channel , it was current tv then sold to al jazeera brodcasting put the providers are still in a contract.

Richmond, Texas, United States #715718

I cancelled Dish a week ago because of Al Jazeera!!! I will not have that sewer pumped into my home!

What kind of Americans run Dish???? Not my kind!!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #711431

What about all the Spanish channels??? That's very "unAmerican" too!

Racists, grow up and get a LIFE. Americans know how to live their lives, you're sitting here worried and complaining about the wrong things.

Let's all give a round of applause to the man who sits and complains about what channels available on his TV which HE can completely ignore as he's in control of his own REMOTE! Get up and fight for your country loser - coming from your fellow American serviceman which you're so dearly concerned about getting slapped in the face!

San Francisco, California, United States #710743

Al Jazeera much better and far more balanced news and programming than most American networks, give it a try before you start complaining. Don't be bigots.


You better call all providers then...they all carry the chsnnel


I hear you brother. I didn't want it, not was i asked of i wanted it.

I'm continually calling hour after hour to get them to remove it. Most people there already know my number by heart and answer with my first name before i say anything.

So far, 94 reps and counting. Going for a cool 100 before the weekend starts.

Eventually they'll remove it, for now I'll fight the good fight.

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