Al Jazeera America is an insult to our country and is a gateway for propaganda into the US. You must know they are the friendly face of jihad and are extending the hand of peace while assisting those who hate America and plan to destroy it from within. I will work tirelessly to reach as many Dish customers as I can to get you to do the right thing for America no matter how much money Al Jazeera promises to pay you. I have been singing praise for Dish for years, please don't destroy the customer trust you have worked so hard to develop.

Don Christensen

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Los Angeles, California, United States #706406

I pay a lot of money for a lot of channels of which there are many that I don't watch, would never watch, and would never pay for if I wasn't forced to.

You crybabies need to vote with your wallet. Don't want Al Jazerra in your line up....pay the termination fee and move on to something else.

Oh, wait.....Al Jazeera is on EVERY TV service. Now what are you going to do?

Chicago, Illinois, United States #705012

We spend pay $94 per month on Dish for a multitude of channels that we don't even watch. al jazeera is just too much to handle.

I saw it advertized on one of my sports networks, and checked it out for five minutes. It wasn't anti-american, but anti-German - with the highlighting of neo-nazi groups in Germany as a major threat. I happen to be of German descent and found it insulting. We just lowered our service to the basic $19/month package (of course w/o al jazerra).

Besides, most of my upgrades were sports channels related because of my life long love of sports.

I'm a little tired of supporting millionaire pampered athletes with hedonistic/borderline criminal tendencies.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #704523

Does the remote control that came with your receiver work? Use it to change the channel if you don't like what you are watching.

Staten Island, New York, United States #704160

This is bull.i can't watch a baseball game without paying for it!,I had to pay more to upgrade to get the military channel but I can get al jazeera for no upgrade.This is what this country is coming to,they want to spread their propaganda,but it's not gonna work with me,I'm canceling dish if they cant resolve this.


I agree with Don Christensen! Drop Al Jazeera! Don't take money from people who hate us! I don't want the even want to have the choice on my Lineup. TAKE IT OFF! DROP Al Jazeera!

Kathy Dean

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