I DO NOT WANT Al Jazeera ON MY CHANNEL LINEUP! I know I don't have much of a choice with you people, on the channel lineup, you are always taking channels away.

you never give us credit or put a channel in it's place the any good. I think you are over priced and that your service isn't that good myself, but my husband choose you.

Don't take money from these people who hate America. Why do you want to help them hate us that much more?

Don't put Al Jazeera on the channel lineup no matter how much money they offer you it's not worth the TRUST of your customers. DROP Al Jazeera NOW !

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Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #708446

I completely agree. We own our equipment but we are looking at alternatives to Dish.

We contacted Dish to have it removed and were told no such luck. FYI AT&T Direct TV has dumped Al Jazeera.

We're looking into it. We know we can elect not to watch it, but we don't want our hard earned dollars supported a station which is so obviously anti-American

to Saddened by Dish decision #718398

That's just plain BS I am watching 358 on DirecTV and it is al jezzera and my brother has att uverse and its still there and you can thank al gore because he sold current TV with all the broadcasting contracts to these terrorist company

Collinsville, Illinois, United States #707108

But why should I have to pay for it as part of my line up if I am not going to watch it. I don't want any portion of my hard earned money supporting those that would do harm against us.

Bad enough I have to buy gas to go to work so that some *** can sit around and be "poor" but still play video games on a 50 inch LED tv and drink beer.

to Anonymous #716552

i don't like sport's but I have no say in the nfl network in my line up or fox sports I just chose not to watch them . whitch is what I will do with this *** channel as well, it was current tv whitch all providers had a contract with , they sold it to al jazeera. thesae companys are have to finish the contract



Dublin, Dublin, Ireland #704069

Here's a tip, don't watch the channel

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