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I am not at all happy with DISH for dropping Turner-owned channels, particularly TCM!! This may be a deal-breaker for me.

Please consider your consumers! Instead of aggressive tactics, survey your customers! What do we want? Drop some of your sports channels, shopping, junk channels.

I am paying to support these channels, ESP. Sports. Who is supporting me? No *** about keeping costs down, please!

Have you ever surveyed your customers to find out what they actually watch?

I signed on to DISH, because you carried EPIX, which I love! I am, however, thinking of going in an entirely different direction.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Dropped channels.

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Cornelia, Georgia, United States #902904

I have been with Dish for over 10 year. Now they have dropped the Turner channels and now CBS is in dispute.

Yesterday I received a bill from Dish and they jacked their rates by $2. Not much but it's the principal. They have reduced my channels yet now opt to rip me off for more money. In addition, every month there is a $10 fee for Blockbuster.

I have no idea what that is and have never used that service. In the past I have contacted Dish for my defective remotes and outdated equipment.

They could care less. I'm on the *** of dropping them due to there horrible treatment of their customers namely ME.

to Anonymous Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #902915

Blockbuster is a collection of channels and movies.

From the Dish Network's Blockbuster page

Get 15 movie channels, including EPIX, FXM and more. Plus, stream directly to your TV, computer or iPad®.

Hallmark Movie Channel

Encore Suspense

Starz Cinema MATV HD Universal HD Crime & Investigation HD Palladia HD Centric HD LOGO HD MoviePlex IndiePlex HD Retroplex HD EPIX EPIX 2 EPIX 3 HDNet Movies MGM HD Sony Movie Channel PixL World Fishing Network FXM The prices go up because the channel wants more money and so does Dish Network. The channels that are removed are either because the channel itself no longer exists or the channel and Dish Network could not come to an agreement on a new contract and one party or both don't want to renew the existing contract.

to DSgamby Mesa, Arizona, United States #904178

Just to clarify. The $2 increase was on the premium movie channels.

Not all, but if you have 2 or 4 premiums, the premium bundle increased. If you had 1 or 3, you would not have seen any change.

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