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Just heard on our local news WLOV based out of Tupelo, Ms. On January 15, 2015, the agreement which permits Dish to carry WLOV will expire.

We have tried to negotiate, in good faith, a new agreement but have been unable to do so. Unless an agreement is reached, effective January 15, 2015, Dish will stop carrying WLOV.. THIS IS NOT the only channel that Dish has dropped without notification to it's viewers! We've also lost FOX (2-3 chans) and also a cartoon network channel, and a few other channels without any NOTICE whatsoever!!

Then we get in the mail today a notice from Dish letting us know they are having an increase $5. more a month. With that being said they are giving (as they put it) 3 VALUABLE GIFTS!!

PFft, those gifts are NOT free if you already have those channels!!!! I am so frustrated beyond belief!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Amory, Mississippi, United States #931451

They (DISH) give you the runaround because they know that the majority of their customers are locked into a contract (One which says, btw that they can discontinue any channel, at any time, for no particular reason.)...

They know that most people aren't gonna eat the $100's (and up to $1000) for some depending on the equipment you have to "stomp foot and leave".

So in the end, they get to hold the line, refuse to budge on what they cannot agree with FOX on and refuse to offer us other FOX feeds in nearby cities that they could until the disagreement is resolved. (Each city is a different Local Television Agreement) and technically by the contract that we sign with DISH they have to provide us with "like" service even in the form of a national feed should they fail to be able to provide the local feed.

I am no longer in a contract with DISH and although I love my Hopper System, DirecTV may be getting a call from me.

I am not in denial that the same will happen the next time DirecTV get their knickers in a wad with a provider, but with the loss of FOX and the return of the primetime shows in the next couple weeks, I think I shall make a quick decision of it.

At least I can get any specials that are currently being offered.

to Michael Beaverton, Alabama, United States #932114

Michael......... We are no longer in contact either, have not been under contract for over 6 months.

My husband wanted to switch a few months ago to direct because Dish had then dropped some channels. But I like Dish and convinced him to stay on. Plus the fact that Dish was really good about understanding my husbands anger and gave us $15.00 off a year because I told them also he wanted to switch to Directv. However since then as I stated, more channels have disappeared, no notice, no warning, no letters explaining what is going on and or if we will be getting them back, and also the most important, no replacement channels, Heck, not even a free PPV movie like I pointed out to them when I called.

I use to work for a cable company and during our training the first thing we were taught is when a customer is upset, first and foremost ALWAYS tell them we are sorry and we will give you a couple of PPV movie coupons to use whenever you want. PPV movies only cost about .50 cents, so they are not losing much of anything to keep a customer happy. But does Dish ever do that, HECK NO! I also mentioned that, then the guy asked me, would you like a PPV movie coupon, All I could do was laugh at this point.

My Sister told me that Directv has merged with AT&T (or AT&T bought them) I looked it up and it's true.

So maybe, the once Directv that I disliked will now be better, and hopefully not have as many dropped channels. Ty for your input :)

Mesa, Arizona, United States #930900

How dare they abide by the RSA and contract?

to Satellite Fan Beaverton, Alabama, United States #931130

Satellite Fan- I am not sure I understand your question.. What do you mean How dare they abide by the RSA and the contract?

I am not sure if this is an answer to your question or not, but when I spoke with Dish last night on the phone regarding our local news channel the person I spoke with was not even aware that we were losing the channel. I had to explain to him what was going on and what I had just heard on the local news. Furthermore, he tried to explain to me that they were trying to negotiate terms with the local news channel but as of last night have not reached any agreement. We are not under contract as it has expired but we've chose to stay on with them.

I like Dish, far, far better than Directv. I however do not enjoy , nor appreciate being charged more, and getting less than what I started with.

to Lori2015 Huntersville, North Carolina, United States #931491

Their Residential Service Agreement(that is agreed to by each customer) allows channels to be removed from the lineup without notification nor any expectation of compensation. This includes while in a term commitment.

You can read it at This is because dish does not own the channels, and have to have an agreement with the channel owners in order to broadcast. Without the agreement in place, a blackout occurs. Otherwise dish gets sued. As far as price increases, you actually have more.

Your rates did not go up when dish renegotiated contracts with many other companies throughout the year, biggest name would be Disney. Disney owns all the Disney channels, Espn channels, and ABC national channels.

That was in March, so Dish ate the cost of that increase for nearly a year, in addition to the others continued, such as the Tirner stations, and the channels added in(SEC, LHN, etc). Now there is also the depreciation of satellite equipment and all other equipment needed to be recouped, and other expenses such as law suits that need to be paid back(customers pay the settlements and court and lawyer fees, not the executives.).

to Satellite Fan Beaverton, Alabama, United States #932122

Satellite Fan............ I understand they can drop channels without notification..

But if a customer is paying a certain price for a channel lineup then they should be given those channels, notified about it, or at least something taken off of their bill without them having to call and complain.. They sure don't mind calling if you have a bill that is a few days late, or to "remind" you about it! And no, Dish did not EAT the cost, trust me, it was passed along to ALL of it's customers one way or another. If DISH ate any cost they would NOT be in business..

Not many companies for matter would. And No, I don't have more, Dish has dropped many channels, and I could careless about any of the ESPN channels, and the Turner channels are removed as well, Boomerang I think is another one, and I cannot at this time remember the other channels besides FOX. As for equipment, we pay for the so called protection plan that is $7.00 a month.. But when you call Dish and tell them your having a problem with your DVR, they will send you out another one, but charge you and additional $15.00 for doing so..

However, they do not charge for the remotes. I have not even bothered to call them about our DVR that has been giving us fits for the past 6 months.. I figure what's the point. The next one will do the samething after being used for so long.

Our satellite has never been replaced, nor has anyone EVER come out to check it, or anything. So, that is my frustration with Dish.

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