Well it's been about one week since Dish has dropped 2 local stations from their incredibly poor line up. The propaganda continues on these stations and the customers continue to pay for zero programming on these 2 channels.

What I find disturbing is that Dish places all of the blame on the station owners and zip, zero on themselves. Claiming that these greedy owners just want us, the customers, to pay more for their programs....no one at Dish lets you know that Dish majority shareholder Charlie Ergen is worth 17.1 Billion dollars and could easily pick up the tab for the customers while in negotiations with these greedy airwave owners.

Nothing greedy about Charlie with his 17 billion in the bank. he just wants the best for his minions who add to his bank balance each month.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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For profit company, not a charity. Also, he has invested so much in the company already, being the founder, why she he invest more for a loss.

Wasn't wrong when saying channel owners are asking too much, as the other complaint is that tv bills are getting too high. Can't have it both ways.



Same thing in the Black Hills.

Then they tell you an agreement was reached, when it wasn't.

Lying sacks of dung!!

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