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Upgrading to HD? Make sure you are ready to pay a lot more money!

I paid $25/mo and was fine with my old Zenith TV. Didn't want a lot of channels -but what I had was fine for me. Getting an HD TV finally, I called and questioned EVERY possible expense I might incur. I get the new TV and find out that the "free" HD for life through DSH is only available if I had one or more levels up from the basic package I had.

I would have to upgrade $45 in monthly fees to be able to still have Fox and or both would be dropped just upgrading one level.

I went through all this BEFORE getting the new set. Cancelling and going back to comcast this week.this is known as bait and switch, plain and simple.

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Hello Houndzark, my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network customer service. I am sorry about any confusion you may have experienced about the HD upgrade.

I would like to get more specific information from you. Did you recently have any equipment or program upgrades to HD?

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