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In March 2014 I contact Dish and indicated that I did not want to continue with the additional free service and wish to only receive what my special promo included. That service was $20.68 per month. In April 2014 Dish pulled over $75 on my credit card. I called dish and asked why they pulled those funds... they said it was was other services i.e.; HBO, etc. I then informed them that I had call within the time limit and requested only the service that my $20.68 promo included. I asked them to refund the monies over the $20.68. Last night I received a call from my renters indicating the service was not working. I spent 2 hours talking with dish people... 2 of these people hung up and I had to began the entire process all over again. The last person I spoke with was a supervisor who also read a prepared speech. I ended up have to pay April and May then I was not allowed to setup payment from my Credit Card it had to be my checking account.

First; they did not make changes to the account when I called in Mar.

Second: they overcharged my Credit Card for money I did not owe.

Third: They turned off service even though I never requested it.

Forth: They took over 2 hours of my time to fix something I did not break.

Fifth: They kept me on a phone and then disconnected me numerous times.

They failed to hear me... unable to think outside the box type people.

I used to have Dish on my own home; but after having them constantly up my month fee; and also not finding anything worth watching I turned it off and will be sent my their DVR.

These people need to provide what we want not what they think we want... most channel are advertising that we pay for. I do not want to continue to pay for someone to sell me something.

If I had not signed a contract for a specific amount of time I would have boxed everything up and told Dish where they could store it.

They need to provide service and LISTEN.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Conroe, Texas, United States #818355


That type of setup will limit your tuners as the Hopper has three tuners. Three Joeys running off of it will have one of them having to mirror another.

You'd have four receivers in total, as you said, running off a receiver (the Hopper) that has only three tuners. Please email me your account number at so I can check to see about getting your third Joey replaced with a second Hopper in order to maximize your tuners to six, giving you full independent capability on all receivers/TVs.

Beaumont, Texas, United States #817402

Dish had false advertising about the dish hopper l am being charged 12 dollars for the hopper sling box and 7 dollars each for my 3 Joey which is 4 boxes but even with the 4 boxes you can only watch 3 shows with 2 of the televisions sharing a show. So why am I paying for 4 boxes when you can only watch 3 shows.

Conroe, Texas, United States #811278


I would appreciate your efforts if you could please email me your account number at so I can pull your information up and have a look. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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