I recently started getting dish services and when talking on the phone the represenitive promised that if I moved and could not get a signal at the new address I could cancel the contract and not be charged . Even the tech who installed the dish said that was right.

Well I moved and my new house cant get a signal and now I am getting charged 300.00. The tech who came to install service at my new address said the same thing as the one before.The other option they offered is the lowest package at 14.00 a month till the contract is up. They want me to pay for no service.

I feel so lied to and hurt that this company can charge me and my family for services THEY cant provide why should I get penalized? I will never reccommend Dish to anybody you cant trust what they say.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #660990


I appreciate your input and just wanted to provide some clarification that we do make it clear that the terms of the original contract stand if the customer changes residence. We would appreciate the effort if the account number could be emailed at michael.lemar@dish.com so we can review the situation.


Breach of contract

If the company has not complied with the terms of it’s agreement “contract”, such as the fees or the programing/service promised, they cannot hold you to the contract or charge a cancellation fee. It is important to have all communications about these problems in writing and be “on the record”. Phoned-in complaints to a company will likely not be “on the record”. One can send complaints to the BBB in Colorado and then all communications with the company will be dated and in writing, keep records.

If the company has “breached” the contract and is charging cancellation fees, send a complaint to your states Attorney General’s office because 46 state Attorney Generals compelled Dish into an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance”, AVC, in 2009. The AVC was a settlement for these types of consumer complaints, but the AGs retained the right to continue to monitor this company for noncompliance.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #660681

I understand that can be a frustrating situation to go through and would be happy to help you! Have you gotten this issue resolved already?

If not, please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can have a look at your information and see what I can do. Thank you.

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