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When I signed up for Dish, I went to their website and looked at the channel line up to verify what level of service I wanted. i had a few must haves and a couple wish list items. I didn't know that local channels are considered, or really not considered, what you pay for. They showed NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and CW on the line up.

First thing I noticed after the install tech left was that the CW was not on their printed channel guide that came with the remote. Strike 1.

I sat down with the guide and the remote and went from one end of the channel spectrum to the other. Several other channels listed on the printed guide and shown online were no where to be found. Strike 2.

And now, after seeing a warning last night flashing across the screen on the local NBC affiliate, that Dish was going to drop the channel, and indeed they did. NBC is one channel I feel entitled to, free or other wise. It's a cornerstone of a TV offering. After a heated conversation with Dish customer service, (they are bots I swear) and learned they don't care or feel consumers have any rights. Strike 3.

So now feeling scammed and deceived, I've already called Time Warner, the lesser of the cable option evils (I hope) and scheduled install. After they are done, I will have Dish come get their equipment and write them a check for $480 to get them out of my life.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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I understand how that's frustrating and would be happy to take a look and further assist you if you could please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com!

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