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The Dish rep said the promotion would be $34.99 (plus $7 for DVR) for the first year, as long as we registered online, which I did. Because of some circumstances in my family (illness in my husband and son), I didn't notice for the first 10 months that we weren't getting the promotional offer.

After explaining the situation 4 times to an agent who could barely understand English and being hung up on, I was switched to Jay, a self-described "second-level" customer-service agent. Jay told me he would give me the promised promotional price for the upcoming year. However, when my recent statement arrived, it was higher than ever. I was told that the original agent number I was given by an agent didn't even exist, nor were "supervisor" Jay's notes even in the computer (although I had documented the exact date and time I spoke with him) and that there's no such thing as a "second-level" agent.

It's like everyone I spoke to lied through their teeth - but there's no way you can prove it - heck, you don't even know they're lying until the bill comes and then they deny everything everyone ever said, even though I wrote down names, dates, times and titles! They grudgingly offered me $10 off per month for 6 months. Bottom line, I am going to be paying $300 MORE over a 1-year period than promised multiple times during the original signup call, as well as what was promised to be corrected afterward.

I cannot wait until our contract is up. I literally have never been so blown-away by unprofessional, LYING customer service in 30 years of being an adult consumer.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I'm sorry to hear about any misunderstanding upon your activation with us and would be happy to help you if you could please email me your account number at so I can take a look. Thanks!

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