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I received a quote for new Satellite service from Dish Network. I went through everything several times to be sure I understood it all correctly.

I was quoted $82 a month for a 2 year contract which assured that price for the duration of the contract. Then I was offered a service protection Insurance deal free for 4 months which I would then need to cancel. I wanted to know why I would be responsible for the equipment and was assured it was only if we spilled water, drooped it, etc that would be up to us to pay for. Otherwise they would cover the damages.

I then asked for everything they had just read in writing before I agreed to anything but Justin wanted to set it up and then said I was free to cancel. Well, he never emailed be their disclaimer and TOS. I called back and the second rep was a little more honest, he said the prices could change if a channel increased their cost, and that we would be responsible for the postage on ever needing to return the equipment should it malfunction. Then I was told by Time Warner that the boxes we would get from Dish would not record but would work from the hopper and the one main DVR.

I called back because that was not what I was originally told. After a 15 minute back and forth I found out Time Warner was correct it all worked off the Hopper. This system would not work for us. Then the 3rd rep also said the pay channels were only free for three months at which time we would have to pay an additional $45 plus another $10 for Blockbuster.

Again the first rep had outright mislead us as it would not be $82 any longer. So I had this rep email the fine print again, which I finally received. It proved we were mislead on just about every point of their deal. I called back and cancelled the service through a supervisor.

Then I found out they had already charged our charge card and now we must wait for a credit (which for some reason would take 2 to 3 days "or so").

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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I would need to take a look at your account to better understand what's going on with your billing. Please understand that our Protection Plan is an available feature to provide a discount on any maintenance done to the equipment as it's just like leasing a car from a dealership.

The dealership will not cover the cost of any maintenance the driver has done to it away from the lot, such as gas and oil changes.

Please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can take a look. Thanks!

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