Dish Network is airing television ads stating that their internet service is "available everywhere in America" when it is not. Apparently there are numerous areas when they have no service.

I am a long-time Dish tv subscriber and get "double-talk" from all employees on this subject and I ask them why this is. I was transferred from the internet sales department to the television service customer service department and then back to the internet sales department where the supervisor gave the same lame one-sentence answer about that the employees earlier gave.

Not one person wants to answer this. And incidentally, this 100 work minimum requirement on this site is *** as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Davenport, Iowa, United States #842155

DISH should just be honest! They do not offer internet services of their own. They are a broker for other internet service providers......that's why they want to know where you live - so they can try to connect you with a local internet service provider and then I suppose DISH gets a cut of the sale?

Valley Springs, California, United States #709915

What a bunch of lies! I have Dish in a rural area and saw the commercial for internet "wherever you live." It's a lie, plain and simple, no matter how how you try to spin it, Mike.

Now I'm even more upset with Dish. I called Dish to cancel a couple of months ago, but they gave me a very cheap deal on some premium channels so I kept them for now. After this fiasco, however, I'm getting ready to call the cable company and get my service bundled.

Cable is no bargain in itself, but at least when they tell you they service your area, they do so. Take a hike, Dish.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #695931

The whole problem with this is its a lie, its not EVERYWHERE. Dishnet is basically 4G wireless.

so if you don't have cell towers in the area they don't supply it.

They purchase the 4G off of other providers and package it as their own.

To me Dishnet is advertised as "Satellite" internet when its far from that.

Denver, Colorado, United States #641888

Hi my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I can understand this add is upsetting to you and I am more than happy to explain. While we do have internet services throughout the United States, DISH has determined that other less expensive broadband is available in your zip code; we do not currently offer DishNET where you live.


to MikeDISH North Garden, Virginia, United States #664745

Dear "MikeDish"

Your response is also a lie. Dish cannot possibly "determine that where I live we have access to less expensive broadband" when WE HAVE NO ACCESS TO BROADBAND! What are you talking about? You advertise that you provide broadband "anywhere someone lives" - we live in North Garden, VA on a farm and we have ZERO cell service and ZERO broadband. There is one phone company - Centurylink - who does not provide broadband to our area, nor to people in the Schulyer/Esmont area. We have been fighting for YEARS to get this, and are experts on the subject. We live at a multimillion dollar estate with our own mountain, have many Dishnet accounts for satellite service, for over $1000/mo in bills as your customer. You do not provide internet to us, nor can we get any from anyone else. :(

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