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Update by user Jan 06, 2014

This has gone too far and has become totally ridiculous.

I get 3 more notifications in the mail asking to return the equipment or else I will be charged $210.00

I have already returned the equipment and DISH has acknowledged receipt. But I have yet not seen my refund. On top of that I am billed for a service I no longer subscribe. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.


Original review posted by user Nov 30, 2013

Cancelled Dish due to financial crunch. Got charged $210.00 for early termination just when I had saved money for my child's College Applications due date being Nov 30.

I call Dish to beg and plead to refund the money so the applications could go through.

But it is like speaking to a robot. No emotions,No compassion,just the same sentence read verbatim.

This is corporate America. They did rather have dummies to dance to their tune and obey word to word, while they get richer and richer. What a shame!

Now I know the reason for random shootings; people just.

Get driven to desperation. Nobody wants to exercise their brain to try and even help a situation.

Monetary Loss: $210.

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Conroe, Texas, United States #768221


I see your concern and please email me your account number so I can have a look. It depends on how long the equipment's been deactivated on the account for.

Lakewood, California, United States #765870

I was asked to return the instrument on their pre-paid box.

They send this e mail several times during the following week; harassment.

Then they send me a mail stating that I will be charged for the non- returned equipment.

I wrote back to say that I HAD NOT received the box. Normally it takes a week for delivery.

But I was being bombarded with these e mails even before the week was up.

Well, box came, returned the equipment. Still no return of my money.

A week later I get an intimation that I will be charged $17.00 towards postage.

That I still owe them some $50 plus. I am supposed to see some $70.00 which

will take many moons to get to my account.

La Verne, California, United States #759823

Got an e mail from DISH, asking to return the equipment in the pre-paid box being sent. 2 days later I get another e mail saying "since we haven't received the equipment we are charging you for the equipment"

HELLO! u are giving me 2 days to receive and send the box?

What kind of morons run the show at Dish. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand does? No communication at all. Never come across such a poorly run show in recent times.

I sent an e mail to CEO, no reply, no action. They have my $210.00 don't care for anything else.

In this regards, HATS OFF to Time Warner. When I had a problem, and the customer service couldn't answer it, I e mail the CEO and he resolved my problem within half hour. That is what I call service. Secretly I endorsed my support for TW!

Conroe, Texas, United States #754336


It would be my pleasure to help you with this if you could please email me your account number at so I can have a look at your information! Thank you.

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