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I contacted Frontier to set up a home phone line using their online chat service. After the customer service person said that he had connected my line, he talked to be about Dish network and their great deal right now. I was promised one button movie ordering, a service called the hopper that stores my shows, 120 plus deal of great channels.

What the Frontier rep never mentioned was that you have to have internet to be able to order movies with the easy push of a button ordering. When I called Dish to ask them to take the entire system back, they told me that the disclosures have the words Internet all over it. I told them I never got the disclosures and they didn't believe me!

Then I called Frontier to tell them that I never would have agreed to anything if it said that I had to have internet, and they looked up my customer service record...guess what? No disclosures were ever sent to me!

When the Frontier installers came, they installed the dish, then when it came to when they were supposed to connect it to the internet, they hemmed and hawed and said they'd have to come back on their day off to install it. LOL....install it to what???

I wasn't home for the end of the install, and my roommate had no idea what she was signing. The digital form was described as "receipt for equipment".

So, I've never read or signed any disclosures that said INTERNET, and now they are telling me that it's going to cost me $400+ dollars to disconnect the *** thing.

Oh, and I love this...they say I can call them to order any movie I want using their 800 number.

Frontier still has not activated the phone line that I called in for 6 days ago. On their side it's working, but I've got no dial tone.

Grrr! What is it going to take for these companies to get that they need to start treating their customers better than this ***?

I'm on day 4 after the installation, so my 3 day right of rescission is over. I read where someone sued them and they never showed up in court. It might be worth it to just let these huge companies know they can screw us!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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DanB@Dish Network
Aurora, Colorado, United States #638877

I apologize I forgot to provide you my e-mail address. I can be reached at: Thanks!

DanB@Dish Network
Aurora, Colorado, United States #638875

Hello, this is Dan Busa with DISH Social Media. It sounds like this situation has been pretty frustrating for you.

I would love to look over things to see how I can help you. Can you please send me your account or phoen number so I can address your concerns?

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