Dish Network phone support is terrible and so frustrating. Dish wanted to change out my boxes and they cancelled the tech to come out to perform the work (one day prior).

After calling to reschedule, it took over three calls and over an hour on the phone being put on hold approx six times for work they wanted to do. They will not make the arrangements and call you back - only tie you up on the phone forever. I am very disappointed with their delays and poor service. WHat happened to the good company they use to be?


Poor Poor Poor. Here I come Comcast!


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I know youve had a bad experience, but call directtv not comcast. if you think Dish customer service is bad, comcast is 100 times worse.


Hello! I would like to apologize for the poor experience you've had. I would hate to lose you as a customer over a customer service issue. If there is anything I can do to better your experience please e-mail me at: Daniel.Busa@DISHNetwork.com Also, I would like to recommend our facebook page as a source for fast friendly and transfer free service. The agents on our Facebook page are exclusively senior agents who can help you with almost anything that you need!

Daniel Busa

DISH Network

Customer Service

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