dido.......can't stand hopper..don't understand primetime anytime *** ..who really wants to record 4 primetime (local)networks at the same time?

okay..so someone does..alright..i don't..but come to find out ..it doesn't make difference anyway...design is hard coded to reserve a tuner during primetime hours (whenever that is) for "primetime anytime" even though that option has not been enabled..so I have only 2 tuners avaible during those hours for what I (we)want to watch or record... ( by design or not..this is a bug and needs to be fixed)..i find it especially aggrevating to be watching

an already recorded recording..and be prompted to make a selection of continuing to watch what I'm watching or if I want a scheduled program to record..i'll have to watch it. excuse me..idon't ever remember being enterrupted while watching an old recording in the old software before hopper came along..bug !

I don't get it..before I was able to have something record on tv1 and tv2 simultainously and watch a previously recorded program at the same time with no problems..old was better..

there's so much more that I cannot stand it..I've actually cried because I feel like I,m paying for a much more inferior product

that I'm not satisfied with..one positive thing has happened..I've been forced to look at how much time I spend watching tv and

since my frustration level raises during primetime..i simply turn the tv off and find I sleep so much better..someday enabling me to just get rid of it..and get back to real living..there is salvation.

too frustrated

Reason of review: non user friendly...

Preferred solution: design flaws need to be addressed .

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