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I cancelled my Dish Network service today. As expected, they'll require the return of my leased equipment. Much to my surprise there would be a $15 fee assessed for each return label I had to use. I was told that this was clearly stated in the terms and conditions I signed for my service.

However, Dish Network's RCA Page 7, Item 5, Part B: states you must "contact our customer service... to schedule the return of your leased Equipment...". It says nothing about the customer being repsonsible for return shipping charges. Nor does it say anything about Dish Network paying the return fees.

Obviously there is nothing criminal about this policy. What it does is provide Dish Network with the leverage they need to bully clients into keeping their services. If you wish to refuse to return your leased equipment, Dish Network will simply place an over-inflated replacement fee onto your credit card they keep on file. It should be noted that your credit card information is kept on file even after you request it to be deleted. The public needs to know what of company Dish Network is. Buyer beware and remove your support by cancelling your own services.



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Dish is about the most unscrupulous and revolting firm you would ever run across.

Why else would their own home state Attorney General fine them $2 million for their business practices. Ask the guy at Customer Service why it happened.

Scottsboro, Alabama, United States #1315361

is my 2 yr contract up already


I have cancelled dish tv connection very long before.


All you have to do is call your bank and say that you didn't authorize the money Dish took out and they'll refund your money. I did this and it worked, which I didn't authorize any transaction when they took out the money.

to snitey #735924

Well, now it's $17.But we complained to Dish and they agreed to credit our account.

Maybe they are hoping we will come back to Dish someday. Funny thing was we tried to make a deal with Dish that was as good as Direct was offering. They would not even come close until we got Direct and cancelled.

Then they offered us a good deal that we would have stayed with them, but it was too late by then.***.

to Anonymous Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #1214106

DTV did the same thing with us when we switched to Dish....but it was too late.

Now we are going with AT&T with an offer that combines TV and Internet with a lesser price than I'm paying Dish.

I wonder if Dish will refund my money..

as it is going on my card today..and DTV will be installed next Sat.

to Anonymous #1319446

Ask for the Comeback 555 Promo $25 off the monthly for a year and free HBO for 10 months.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #702034

I am disabled, due to this on a very low income.I have a contract with Dish for another 16 months.

I can not afford to pay to get out of contract, nor afford to keep Dish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

SOS !!!:upset

to Broken El Paso, Texas, United States #799162

Sorry about your situation. If I in your shoes I would downgrade to the cheapest plan they have. Also you can call customer service and see if they could do some thing for your situation or put your account an hold until your situation improves.

to Bill Brockway, Pennsylvania, United States #1317333

They still charge $5/month to put your account on hold.

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