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To whom this may concern,

I recently had a major issue with my dish network bill. My auto payment for some reason did not go through on 11/5. Noticing that, i then paid in full 151.20 on 11/11 to bring my account current with a $0.00 balance. On Sunday 11/23 i had gone out to get breakfast for my family, then was informed by the diner cashier that my card was declined. Knowing how much money that was in my account and feeling extremely embarrassed in front of a crowd of people i then asked her to run it again and experienced the same outcome. I then had to run home and grab another method of payment. After i had arrived home with the food i then checked my bank statement in which is was in the negative of over $100.00. Having noticed that a payment was being processed for $151.20 from Dish network i then called customer service. Long story short customer service had made me feel like a fool and said that they show no payment on their end and to contact my bank and provide dish with my bank statement. I then contacted my bank and due to the fact that it was a Sunday no transactions would be posted till Tuesday morning and the account would only show transactions that were currently being processed. On Tuesday 11/25 i then noticed that the transaction had been 100% posted to my account and Dish had also listed it in my payment history. I then called dish and had explained the situation to them again. The women that i spoke with was very nice and after 30-45 minutes we had come to a conclusion in which they would refund me the 151.20 for my monthly bill and also the $25.00 that my bank had charged me for a overdraft fee, i would be receiving this in 3-5 business days. Waited patiently 3-5 business days and no refund had been credited to my checking account or my dish account. Checking my account this morning 12/3 i noticed that i was charged another fee due to the fact that my balance was still in the negative (so now im down a extra $50.00 plus the 151.20 that dish overcharged my account). Now at this moment my new credit card bill is due in which i use this for business expenses and other means as a emergency (xmas gifts). My expenses have been reimbursed to my checking account but due to the additional charges i am still in the negative. I then called dish and asked to speak with a account specialist. After being placed on hold for a extended period of time and having to repeat the story to 4 other people nothing was accomplished. She said that she could refund to 25 and credit it to my dish account. Thats great and all but WHAT THE *** AM I SUPPOSED TO TELL CAPITAL ONE WHEN I CANT MAKE MY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT BECAUSE MY ACCOUNT IS STILL IN THE NEGATIVE. She could not give me a answer as to where my 151.20 was that dish double charged me for the month of November. I then asked to speak to her supervisor in which she said there was nothing the supervisor could do. I then asked where is my money if it is not in my checking account and not credited to my December bill, again no idea. Becoming increasingly pissed off thinking about presents for my family and credit score depreciating i demanded to speak with her supervisor. She said okay and i was then placed on hold for 45 minutes with not 1 person picking up the phone (THIS PHONE CONVERSATION HAD TAKEN PLACE FOR OVER 2 HOURS). I hung up and called back an hour later (some people do have jobs and cant sit on hold all day). Again, i demanded to speak with a account specialist in which again i had to repeat the same story 3 more times. Was then placed on hold again to be connected with the dish president office. Repeated the same story and he could not tell me what my 151.20 was doing and why it was not reimbursed or credited to my account when i was told it would be refunded in 3-5 business days. I then informed him several times that my credit card payment was due today and that i did not previously give them a hard time knowing that i would be able to make the payment today based on the word of a dish network account specialist. I was then instructed by a Ray Rios from dish to call my credit card company and just explain it to them. Really, that is your *** solution. By the end of the phone conversation i again have been promised 176.20 in 7 business days. THIS DOES NOT HELP ME TODAY OR TONIGHT WHEN I AM SUPPOSED TO GO XMAS SHOPPING. I CANNOT PUT ANYTHING ON THE CAPITAL ONE CARD OR MY CHECKING ACCOUNT DUE TO STILL HAVING A NEGATIVE BALANCE IN MY ACCOUNT AND ON TOP OF THAT MY FIRST PAYMENT ON MY NEW CARD WILL NOW BE LATE.

The customer service that i received was the worst that i have ever encountered. I have had other providers in the past in which they had resolved the problem within hours. EXAMPLE: VERIZON FIOS, CABLEVISION ETC. On top of all this i had over 20 people over for thanksgiving and DISH had taken a ***. No football for the adults and no Disney/kid shows for the kids. The weather was calm and clear and the service dept. would be unable to get anyone over till Saturday. The problem had corrected itself randomly on Friday night. Again, never have i ever received such horrible customer service especially when this situation is not only affecting myself and my family but also my credit history. I now have to wait another 7 days to make a payment to my credit card. DISH NETWORK YOU SUCK. Sad part is, is that we really enjoy the hopper and super joeys. Such a shame!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $173.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Littleton, Colorado, United States #929195


I understand your frustration from this situation and would like to take a look at your account if you could please email me your account number and four-digit PIN at I'd appreciate your efforts and will look forward to hearing from you!

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