Direct TV & Dish Network both are installing their antenna's on my rental properties illeagally without obtaining my permission and it is doing damage to my roof's & siding costing me money.One roof has 2 antanna's and an extra mount.

The two antenna's are hooked togeather and each are mounted on a tripod style mount right in the middle of the roof, one on front one on rear. The cable is laying loosly on the shingles and rapidly wearing them out with every wind. They will not talk to me about this as I am not the customer. I keep telling them I am the home owner and I was not asked for permission to put holes in my houses.

I am having absolutly no satisfaction from contacting them.I am going to be forced to take legal action.

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Rochester, New York, United States #1339033

Anyone have an experience with a dish being installed on their property without their permission.Technician dug a hole, poured cement and was about to leave when I got home.

Easily 10 feet over my neighbors property line onto my property.

Called Direct TV, and they say once installed, it belongs to whoever's property it is on.

I don't have nor do I want Direct TV.Ugh

to Anonymous Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1339144

Get a free consult from an attorney and go from there. Perhaps Dish will listen when they find out they must pay for roof repairs, etc.


Read this article. It is federal law that says the dishes cannot be installed on a rented property without written permission from the owner. No need to have it stated anywhere in the lease.


Flint, Michigan, United States #993371

They did the same to me drilling holes in to my house plus puting a dish oh the roof of my house they said they were told the tenant said it was ok I want to make it a class action suit so they can fix mine or thousands of houses This is there policy I don't think its the law but you can go to my web site larswan@yahoo.com leave a message if your interested in going after them


I had the same problem.My lease forbits any changes made to the house without my written consent.Granted my tenant broke the lease by engaging a contractor to violate my house but I think it is the responsibility of the contractor to get written permission of the owner before drilling holes into it.

The house already had cable wires installed within the house. These could have been used instead of drilling holes all over the outside of the home.

What is your thought on that situation.

You mentioned that if the installation falls within the cable company standards that I would have no recourse.But this situation would not have been the correct type of installation.


Julie is right.If you supply a paper with all of your do's and don'ts, It would be different.

If they signed your lease stating that there would be no satellite tv services allowed on the building or on the property, It would also be a different story. But if you never stated that it couldn't be done with anything other than a verbal agreement, you are only going to be able to charge the customer with the offense. The only way you could even attempt to go after the companies is if the technician didn't install according to company standards, but even that wouldn't get too far because it would need to be corrected rather than moved. As long as the area where the unit is mounted does not leak, It can not be considered damaged.

The only person that can take them down is you or someone you *** in to doing it.The company will not remove the bolts in the holes of the footplate at your request because it would then be conceived that you forced the damage upon the area.


I don't think your issue is with DirecTV or Dish.It's with your renters.

The companies wouldn't be there if the renters hadn't signed up for service.

Did you let them know they couldn't do this without your permission?If they've signed up for the service, let them pay for any repairs to the property.

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