Some guy called me today July,15, 2018, and said our old receivers were so old that they would have to be replaced. After all the technical things he talked about he wanted $120.00 for the change and said that we would get our money back in 6 months. My wife told him that we were not going to pay the $120.00 and if their equipment was outdated then they could change it and their expense. then she hung up on him.

I do not have his number since he called on our land line and we have no caller ID on it.

He sounded like he knew our address and some other info.

He wanted our receiver ID number so it sounded okay until he came up with us having to pay.

Reason of review: someone trying to scam us.

Preferred solution: please investigate.

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Go ahead and give him the receiver number. Hell,give him the whole receiver. Dish tv is a criminal operation!


That is a scammer calling different Telecom customers. I hope you did not give him the receiver number.

Dish, nor any telecom company, will call you asking for that specific information, as they already have it. They were getting that information from you to give to Dish online and gain access to your account.

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