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We own 6 four-plex units in Alabama. Everytime a new tenant moves in and calls for Dish service, they come out and install a new satillite beside the old one running wires all around the buildings.

Tenants are supposed to have our authorization to install but the Dish serice providers just take their word for it. We now have a "graveyard" of old dishs on our units.

I have called Dish Network to send someone to take them off our property but to no avail. They tell me that I will need to call an installer and pay them to take them off!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Pam Dooros,

I understand your frustration. When a customer calls us to install equipment and they advise that they have permission to continue will the install, the responsibility is on the customer.

We have terms and conditions that they have to adhere to. If the landlord requires removal of the property he would need to advise the tenant of the situation. If a customer does not return equipment to DISH Network after canceling they will either own the equipment or be charged for non-returned leased equipment which would result in the ultimately owning it. We can not send technicians to retrieve someone’s personal property.

If you need a technician to remove from the structure there is a charge for the technician required time and work. If you have any other questions please let us know.


sell them old dishes on ebay......

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