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On January 13, 2015 I called Dish Network to find out when my contract with them would be expiring, he informed that it would be up in March 2015. The agent then asked me what was the reason I was wanting to know and I told him because of the simple fact they they were losing CBS and Fox.

The agent then informed that there was a settlement agreement with CBS and that service would continue without any interruption whatsoever. I even went on to ask him this several times to make sure he was hearing me right and I was hearing him right. After I was reassured that CBS would not be dropped (Fox News and Fox Business was still up in the air) I went on to ask him about getting some extra Joey's installed at our house. When we originally signed the contract we were eligible for 1 Hopper and 4 Joey's.

We only need the Hopper and one Joey at the time. I had called about a year later to add 2 more and that agent told me I would have to pay an additional 500.00 per Joey. I cancelled that order before it was ever placed. So back to the January 13, 2015 conversation I asked the agent what it would cost to get the additional Joeys.

He told me if I renewed the contract for 2 years they could install them for a one-time fee of 10.00. I then asked him one last time... " CBS is NOT going to interrupted right?" He said yes ma'am the contract issue has been settled and there will be no interruption ( that was the 5th time he told me that) I went ahead and agreed to the renewal as I had never had an issue with Dish before. On the 14th the technician came out to our house and installed the extra receivers.

He did a great job. This complaint has nothing to do with him. Well January 15th rolls around and guess what happens! I lose CBS!

I am absolutely beside myself at this point. I made several phone calls starting at the call center and worked my way up the corporate ladder to be told that since the contract was renewed on the 13th and at that time CBS was still broadcasting there was nothing they could or would do. They said that in the terms it says changes are subject to change. I told them that I asked several times about CBS and every time I was told NO INTERRUPTIONS!

I told them to go back and listen to the conversation and they basically said that it didn't matter. I could not get out of the contract without paying a early termination fee.

I find it very appalling that a company has to lie to get customers to stay with them! I would rather watch TV with a converter box and huge rabbit ears than pay a company who down right LIES to their customers!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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